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Welcome to What’s on Netflix. We aim to let you know what’s new on Netflix, whats coming, what’s leaving and cover the best movies and best TV series currently streaming on Netflix. We primarily cover the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve helped millions of Netflixers around the world find their next show or movie to stream on Netflix.

Our site is split into different sections. Looking for the latest movies and TV series released on Netflix? Try our what’s new section for the US (we also cover the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia weekly). We also have sections for what’s coming soon to Netflix as well as what’s soon to be leaving Netflix. We also report on the latest Netflix news and whether or not your favourite shows will be coming to Netflix.

You can also get some inspiration for your next binge in our best of Netflix section.

Netflix is a streaming service operating all over the world allowing users access to instantly stream TV series and movies for a subscription each month in their location.

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When will Season 5 of Spirit Riding Free be on Netflix?

DreamWorks animations have continued to bring more and more titles to Netflix with many of them being very well received by the community. Spirit Riding Free first came to Netflix back in May of 2017. Remarkably since then 3 more seasons have been re…

The Joel McHale Show: Episode 5 Recap

Had enough of the real world this week? Dive into the best of the ridiculous with Joel McHale on Netflix.  Coffee Is Delicious Sunday, March 18th, 2018 We start this week with the return of American Idol. As Joel says: There is nothing more desperate…

New Releases on Netflix US (March 20th, 2018)

Just like yesterday, there are just two new additions to Netflix US today. The comedy release of the week is the second season of The Standups. In case you didn’t know, Netflix has become the number one place for standups but mainly for well-kn…

Netflix’s Answer to Top Gear and The Grand Tour is Here

A brand new motoring show is coming to Netflix called ‘Fastest Car’ and is the first of its kind on Netflix and will be released on Netflix on April 6th. The series isn’t following the magazine format of its rivals more the style of…

New Releases on Netflix Australia (20th March 2018)

Welcome back to the section on What’s on Netflix where we take a look at all the titles that have come to Australian Netflix in the past week. We have seen a total of 41 titles arrive, including 27 Movies, 10 TV Series, 3 Standup shows and fina…

List of Coen Brothers Movies on Netflix

Joel and Ethan Coen are often referred to collectively as ‘The Coen Brothers’ and are two American filmmakers who are jointly responsible for some of the greatest films ever made. In this section of What’s on Netflix, we take some t…

New Releases on Netflix US (March 19th, 2018)

Just two new additions to start the week on Netflix with an independent movie and three seasons of an Australian reality TV series. We’re expecting a big week on Netflix otherwise with some fantastic Netflix Originals on the way too. Here’…

When will Season 5 of The Originals be on Netflix?

The CW’s The Originals is returning for a final season and will be coming to Netflix in most major regions. So, if you’re looking for the Netflix release date of season 5, you’re in luck, we’ve got the full guide below. In cas…

Benji (2018) Netflix Original: Full Cast List, Soundtrack & Sequel?

Netflix’s reboot of Benji is finally out in the wild and we’ve got everything you need to know after watching the new version of the family classic. Below, we’ve got the full cast list, soundtrack and more. In case you’re not …

New Releases on Netflix US (March 17th, 2018)

It’s Saturday night which if you’re like us means more Netflixing. In case you didn’t have enough to watch here’s what’s new on Netflix today. Please note that some of these were adding during the week and we’re do…

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