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Welcome to What’s on Netflix. We aim to let you know what’s new on Netflix, whats coming, what’s leaving and cover the best movies and best TV series currently streaming on Netflix. We primarily cover the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Since our launch in 2013, we’ve helped millions of Netflixers around the world find their next show or movie to stream on Netflix.

Our site is split into different sections. Looking for the latest movies and TV series released on Netflix? Try our what’s new section for the US (we also cover the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia weekly). We also have sections for what’s coming soon to Netflix as well as what’s soon to be leaving Netflix. We also report on the latest Netflix news and whether or not your favourite shows will be coming to Netflix.

You can also get some inspiration for your next binge in our best of Netflix section.

Netflix is a streaming service operating all over the world allowing users access to instantly stream TV series and movies for a subscription each month in their location.

What’s on Netflix is not endorsed, moderated, owned by or affiliated with Netflix or any of its partners in any capacity.

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Welcome to the post-release article on the new Netflix Original Mute where we’ll cover the complete cast list, the soundtrack, how the movie did with critics and also what to watch next if you enjoyed the movie.  In case you’ve not seen t…

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There are so many great things to watch this weekend on Netflix! Your only problem will be deciding what to watch first! This week brought a lot of great additions to the Netflix catalog. From history to mystery, there is something for everyone to en…

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Another week has gone and we’re getting closer to the end of February. Our list today is pretty short, but all good things come in small packages. This week, 23rd February 2018, Netflix UK released a total of 18 new titles. This includes eight …

New Releases on Netflix US (February 23rd, 2018)

Welcome to your Friday update to what’s new on Netflix today. Quite a few good picks that will inevitably make the best of list heading your way in a few hours. The two big Netflix Originals including a new movies starring Paul Rudd and a new c…

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After a cancellation and a revival, two years later Timeless season 2 is about to start airing again on NBC in the United States. Can you watch the first season of Timeless on Netflix or is it only available on Hulu? Let’s take a look at stream…

New Releases on Netflix Canada (23rd February 2018)

February is already coming to a close and this month has seen loads of new shows and movies come to Canadian Netflix. This past week gas welcomed a total of 19 new titles, including 6 new movies, 4 documentaries, 7 TV series and an additional 2 stand…

When will Fargo Season 4 be on Netflix?

The popular FX series Fargo debuted back in 2014 and since then has had it’s first three seasons brought to Netflix. But many fans, including all of us at What’s on Netflix are wondering whether FX will be producing another season, and wh…

New Releases on Netflix US (February 22nd, 2018)

Just two new titles added today but we did get March’s release list out and as predicted, it’s going to be a Netflix Original heavy month. Two foreign series were added today, one from Spain and one from the United Kingdom. Number of new …

List of Tom Hardy Films on Netflix

Welcome back to another week of our new section here on What’s on Netflix. This is where we pick out a certain actor or actress and take a quick look at what films are available to stream on Netflix that they star in. This week we have chosen t…

Why The Chris Rock Netflix Special Is Causing Controversy

Chris Rock’s first ever Netflix Original stand-up special has caused a bit of controversy since it landed on the 16th February. What’s the controversy? We’ll hope to cover it all here. Although this is Chris Rock’s first stand…

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