‘Jericho’ Leaving Netflix in August 2021

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jericho leaving netflix in august 2021

Jericho – Picture: CBS

Fan-favorite series Jericho will be departing Netflix in the US with both seasons currently set to depart the service in mid-August 2021. 

First releasing in 2006, the CBS series ran for two seasons before having the plug pulled and having to continue its life as a comic book, Jericho comes from a time where network TV was stretching beyond familiar genres. It’s also one of the first shows that had a huge fan campaign to bring it back.

Heck, there were rumors all the way back in 2012 from TV Guide’s Michael Schneider (who now works at Variety) that Netflix themselves may give the show a new lease of life but of course, all these years later, that failed to ever come to light.

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The series followed the events after attacks on major United States cities and society’s attempts to rebuild. It featured the talents of Skeet Ulrich, Lennie James, Ashley Scott, Kenneth Mitchell, Brad Beyer and April Parker-Jones.

Having streamed on Netflix for years, the show’s time on the service is now coming to an end.

Both seasons are currently scheduled to leave Netflix in the US on August 16th with your last full day to watch being on August 15th.

Other Netflix regions have had access to the show over the years including Netflix UK which lost access to it back in January 2017. Netflix US was the last region of Netflix to carry the CBS title.

Where will Jericho stream after leaving Netflix?

The good news is that the show is already available on its new permanent home.

We’re referring to Paramount+ which is run by ViacomCBS who licenses the series to Netflix. They’ve been streaming the show since its launch in 2020 although it was also available on CBS All Access before then.

We’re expecting more ViacomCBS shows to depart from Netflix over the next few years including the majority of the Star Trek TV library which is still on Netflix.

Will you miss Jericho once it leaves Netflix in August? Let us know in the comments.

‘Jericho’ Leaving Netflix in August 2021

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