Carole & Tuesday Part 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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After airing the first half in Japan we finally have confirmation of the arrival of Carole & Tuesday, one of Netflix’s latest anime series. We have all the information you need to know on the first half of Carole & Tuesday, including the Netflix release date, plot, cast and trailer.

Carole & Tuesday is an upcoming Netflix Original anime series directed by Shinichiro Watanabe. The release of the anime was to coincide with studio Bones 20th anniversary and the 10th anniversary of the record label Flying Dog.

What is the plot of Carole & Tuesday?

In the not too distant future, Humanity has colonized Mars. 50 years on from when the first colony settled humanity has entered into a new age of culture produced by A.I. 2 young women who aspire to become musicians have a fateful encounter and soon the pair starts a movement of music they didn’t think was possible.

Who is in the cast?

The following cast members star in Carole & Tuesday:

Japanese Dub
Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Tuesday Kana Ichinose DARLING in the FRANXX | Kaguya-sama: Love is War | Hitori Bocchi’s OO Lifestyle
Carole Miyuri Shimabukuro Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs | Goblin Slayer | Harukana Receive
Roddy Miyu Irino Spirited Away | The Garden of Words | A Silent Voice
Tao Hiroshi Kamiya Bakemonogatari | Digimon Frontier | Uchu Sentai Kyuranger
Ertegun Mamoru Miyano Death Note | Wolf’s Rain | Steins; Gate
Angela Sumire Uesaka Concrete Revolutio | This Art Club has a Problem | Final Fantasy XV
Gus Akio Otsuka Ghost in the Shell | Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence | Paprika

There definitely will be an English cast but there are no announcements as of yet. Once we have confirmation on the English dub cast we’ll update with another table below.

Are there any images or stills for Carole & Tuesday?

All images are courtesy of Netflix and Bones.

How much of the manga will the anime cover?

Interesting fact, the anime was released before the manga. Unlike most franchises, this time around the manga is the adaptation and not the anime series.

As to how much of Carole & Tuesday will be released is at the discretion of Netflix and the animation studio Bones.

How many episodes will part 1 receive?

The first half of Carole & Tuesday will arrive with twelve episodes.

Do we know the episode run-times?

Each episode has a run time of around twenty-five minutes.

How are the reviews for Carole & Tuesday?

Very positive so far.

The series has an IMDb rating of 8.0/10 and on My Anime List the average use rating works out at 8.22/10.

Most of the user ratings per episode are overwhelmingly positive. The lowest is 8.8 whereas the highest is registered at 9.6.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Carole & Tuesday?

At the time of writing Netflix hasn’t released a trailer yet. That’s not to say there isn’t a trailer available though!

Carole & Tuesday Netflix release date

It has been confirmed that Carole & Tuesday is scheduled to arrive on Friday, 30th of August.

When will Part 2 be available to stream?

Assuming the first part ends on the 12th episode we can get a good measure on when to expect the second half of Carole & Tuesday.

The 12th episode aired on Japanese networks on the 27th of June. That’s almost 2 months to the day that the series arrives on Netflix.

Carole & Tuesday’s finale is scheduled to air on the 26th of September. Assuming the release follows a similar schedule to part one, then part 2 will arrive on Netflix at the end of November.

Potential release date: November 2019

Are you looking forward to the release of Carole & Tuesday? Let us know in the comments below!

Carole & Tuesday Part 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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