Gnome Alone on Netflix: What it’s about, Soundtrack and Cast

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Gnome Alone – Copyright 3QU Media/Netflix

Gnome Alone is now on Netflix following several months of big-budget animation kids movies to join the streaming service. Here’s your complete before and after viewing guide where we’ll look at the soundtrack, who voices the characters, whether there are sequels to come, what to watch next and how the movie has been reviewed across the world. 

What you need to know before watching

What’s the movie about?

After moving into a new house, Chloe is met by a team of Gnome’s are looking to help her and her friend from little purple creatures from taking over the world.

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Is Gnome Alone a full Netflix Original?

Sort of. It’s carried as a Netflix Original in almost every country including Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States. The film was initially meant to release in cinemas in November 2017 but that was subsequently pushed back to March 2018 before being delayed seemingly indefinitely.

Netflix has picked up the movie in most regions and released it on October 19th, 2018.

Who’s behind the movie?

The promotional material says it’s from the team behind Shrek. 3QU Media is behind the movie and this is their debut film. They have another title called Charming in development.

Is the movie suitable for all kids?

The movie is certificated with PG which means parental guidance necessary. The movie contains violence in the form of paintball like guns, some rude humour and behaviour.

After you watch Gnome Alone

Who’s behind the voices in Gnome Alone?

The main character is voiced by Becky G or Rebecca Marie Gomez who also lends her voice to the soundtrack too. Her major acting debut was in the 2017 Power Ranger movie as 2017. She’s also worked on the soundtrack for Neighbors 2 and Hotel Transylvania.

Becky G as Chloe

Josh Peck plays the role of Liam who is a nerdy friend of Chloe’s. Josh is, of course, known for his days on Drake & Josh but more recently due to his online presence on the likes of Vine and YouTube.

Josh Peck as Liam

Other cast members include Olivia Holt, George Lopez, Patrick Stump, David Koechner, Jeff Dunham and Tara Strong.

Soundtrack for Gnome Alone

The original score was produced by Christopher Carmichael.

  • Home Is Where The Heart Is – Becky G
  • That’s Not My Name – The Ting Tings
  • 12 Etudes Op 25 – No. 12 In C MInor – Ellegro Con Fuoco – Studio Musicians
  • Our House – Becky G
  • Higher – Studio Musicians
  • Smoking Gun – Studio Musicians
  • Spinning – The Musik Makers
  • So High – Studio Musicians
  • Fit In – Sarah Quintana
  • Found My Way – J. Marie (end credits song)

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Gnome Alone on Netflix: What it’s about, Soundtrack and Cast

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