High Seas Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast & Trailer

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In June it’s time to take a journey with Netflix on the High Seas as for their latest Spanish Original series. We have everything you need to know on High Seas including the Netflix release date, plot, cast and trailer.

High Seas is an upcoming Netflix Original Spanish murder-mystery series directed by Carlos Sedes. This will be the 15th Spanish Netflix Original series on the streaming service, and potentially could be one of their best Spanish series to date.

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What is the plot of High Seas?

Set in the 1940s, a luxury cruise ship the Bárbara de Braganza has departed from Spain for Rio De Janeiro. But when a series of mysterious deaths occur, everyone’s a suspect and soon secrets begin to unravel around a pair of traveling sisters.

Who is in the cast of High Seas?

The following cast members have been confirmed for High Seas:

Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Fernando Eloy Azorin Kisses for Everyone | All About My Mother | Mad Love
Carolina Ivana Baquero Pan’s Labyrinth | The Shannara Chronicles | The New Daughter
Anibal Felix Gomez Herederos | Carlos, Rey Emperador | 14 de Abril. La Republica
Nicolas Sala Jon Kortajarena A Single Man | Andron | The Cliff
Sebastian Tamar Novas Broken Embraces | The Sea Inside | Goya’s Ghosts
Eva Alejandra Onieva Hazing | Presunto culpable | Por un Punado de besos
Tio Pedro Jose Sacristan Madrid, 1987 | Binge | The Dead Man and Being Happy
TBA Laura Prats The Mr Peabody & Sherman Show | Marco Polo | Ma Ma
TBA Daniel Lundh Midnight in Paris | 22 Bullets | Mile High
TBA Angela Molina Live Flesh | Broken Embraces | 1492: Conquest of Paradise


Are there any stills/images for High Seas?

All images are courtesy of Netflix and Bambú Producciones

When did production take place?

Production on High Seas began in the latter half of 2018. Filming began in October 2018 with Bambu Producciones leading the production of the series.

As for the duration of filming, we’re unsure how long it took to film High Seas. What we do know is the filming of the first season has concluded. If the second season was to be filmed back to back with Season 1, then filming is potentially ongoing still.

How many episodes will High Seas Season 1 air?

The first season of High Seas will arrive with 8 episodes! All 8 episodes will be available upon release.

What are the run times for the episodes?

Currently, there are no official run times for any of the episodes. We are under the assumption each episode will be around 50 to 60 minutes.

Is there a trailer for High Seas?

Aye Cap’n there is! There are likely many inspirations behind High Seas but are we the only ones thinking what the story is basically Murder Orient on the Orient Express at sea?

When is the release date for High Seas?

High Seas arrives on Netflix on Friday the 24th of May!

Will High Seas be available in my region?

Certainly! Netflix will be releasing High Seas to all subscribers worldwide.

What time can I stream High Seas from?

Even though the series is available worldwide, this doesn’t mean you’ll be available to stream it from midnight. Check out the timetable below to make sure you know what time you can stream High Seas from:

Time Zone Time available to stream
Pacific Standard Time 12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time 1:00 AM
Central Standard Time 2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time 3:00 AM
British Summer Time 8:00 AM
Central European Time 9:00 AM
Eastern European Time 10:00 AM
India Standard Time 12:30 PM
Japan Standard Time 16:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time 18:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time 20:00 PM

So there will be a second season of High Seas?

Yes! We already have confirmation that a second season will arrive in late 2019. Netflix is well known for categorizing their seasons differently so it’s likely ‘Season 1’ will be listed as ‘Part 1.’

Are you looking forward to the release of High Seas? Let us know in the comments below!

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