Is ‘Silicon Valley’ streaming on Netflix?

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The show Silicon Valley is HBO’s answer to The Big Bang Theory. Instead of focussing on biology, chemistry and physics it insteads delves into the technology world which exists in and around San Francisco.

The show was created by Mike Judge, John Altschuler and Dave Krinsky, of which Mike, has created the show based on some of his past experiences. The show follows 5 tech enthusiasts ranging from programmers to engineers to investors. It’s a quirky show and has already landed itself a third season.

So the reason you’re here is because you’re wondering whether you can catch any of the two season on Netflix? The answer is going to come as a bitter pill to swallow as we’re sad to report that Silicon Valley isn’t streaming on Netflix and doesn’t look like it will be in the future.

As with Game of Thrones, The Wire and other HBO shows none can be found on Netflix just because of how HBO operates and lets out its shows. At present, all of their shows goes exclusively on their streaming platform HBO Now until significant years pass and then they have the chance to stream on Amazon Prime excluding Netflix from getting a look in.

Is ‘Silicon Valley’ streaming on Netflix?

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