Netflix UK Bags New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episodes 24 Hours After US

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Netflix UK has pulled yet another exclusive away from the competition which sees every episode of season 6 come to Netflix just a day later after it airs on television in the United States. The series which starts up again for its sixth season on June 2nd will see episode return with the four girls from Rosewood in Pennsylvania who are fighting to keep their dark secrets at bay.

The deal replicates recent acquisitions of US content in the United Kingdom as we’ve seen with AMC’s Better Call Saul, The Returned and last week’s addition of Between from Canada.

It’s expected that this deal will most likely continue throughout the entire season as well as through season 7 which has recently been confirmed by executives at ABC but stated it would be the very last.

For those wanting to catch up to now you can on Netflix in most regions including the United States, Australia, most European regions and South American regions too however you’ll have to wait till June 10th in the United States to watch season 5 on Netflix.

Thanks to Netflix UK & Ireland Fanpage for the great spot!

Netflix UK Bags New ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Episodes 24 Hours After US

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