Is Princess Mononoke on Netflix?

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Over the years the Studio Ghibli has released some phenomenal titles and garnered huge critical acclaim and commercial success. For anime titles, they have set the bar in terms of quality. One such film is Princess Mononoke, a classic in Japanese cinema history. But is Princess Mononoke streaming on Netflix? Let’s find out.

Princess Mononoke released to theatres in Japan in the summer of 1997 but it 2 more years before it would release to theatres in the US. Worldwide the film made $159.4 Million, even though the box office takings in America were poor. The film found greater success with the American audience upon the release of DVD and VHS. Princess Mononoke was a huge success in Japan and held box office record until the release of Spirited Away.

In the 14th century Japan in the village of Emishi, the residents are attacked by a demon. Prince Ashitaka kills the beast, but in the process, the demo’s corruption curses his right arm. While the curse does empower him with super strength, it will eventually spread and kill him. After discovering the beast was a corrupted Boar God named Nago, Ashitaka must travel to Nago’s homeland in the hopes of finding a cure. As he bears witness to the atrocities the human populous is doing to the land it eventually calls upon the Wolf God Moro and his companion Princess Mononoke. But when Ashtika attempts to broker peace between the two warring factions it only brings more conflict to Japan.

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Is Princess Mononoke streaming on Netflix US?

Sadly Princess Mononoke isn’t available on Netflix. Speaking of which just like other Studio Ghibli titles there is currently no streaming service that distributes their content. If you wish to watch any of the Studio Ghibli titles you will to purchase the films. GKids currently owns the distribution rights for the release of Studio Ghibli titles in North America but at this moment in time you can only purchase the films in a physical copy.

Is Princess Mononoke streaming in Other Regions?

Even outside of the US there are no regions streaming Princess Mononoke on Netflix. Considering the popularity of the Studio Ghibli titles it is a huge surprise that they are unavailable to stream. Disney is responsible for the distribution of home media outside of the US. It’s highly plausible that when Disney release their own streaming service that the titles may eventually end up on their platform instead of Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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Is Princess Mononoke on Netflix?

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