Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

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Rise of Empire: Ottoman – Picture: STX Television / Netflix

One of the big new historical dramas Netflix has introduced so far in 2020 is Rise of Empires: Ottoman. If you’ve flown through all six episodes of season 1, you’re probably looking to whether we’ll be getting a season 2 of Rise of Empires Ottoman. Let’s take a look at whether that’s going to happen and what we can expect from any second season.

The series is about Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II and his campaign to take Constantinople. It’s filmed in Turkey with Turkish actors but is spoken in English throughout. The series merges a technique we’ve seen pioneered on Netflix with the like of The Last Czars whereby some of the series is filmed as a documentary and the rest as live-action retellings of the events that took place.

By the end of season 1 (caution: spoilers), Mehmet finds himself on the throne in victory with the conquest of the capital and an end to the Byzantine Empire. Of course, history suggests there’s plenty more subject matter to cover in future series as the historians illuded to with the upcoming conquering of much of Europe. The end of episode 6 sees Fatih Sultan Mehmet stare directly into the camera to say “so, we begin.”.

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That almost certainly suggests the showrunners have plans for the future of the show.

Has Netflix renewed for Rise of Empires: Ottoman for season 2?

Official renewal status: not yet renewed (last updated: 01/30/2020)

As to be expected, we may not hear about the future of the series until several months after the debut date on Netflix. Netflix uses this time to assess whether future series are viable. Only in rare cases do shows get multiple season orders from Netflix.

Given the naming convention of the series, it could quite easily tackle other empires throughout history once finished with the Ottomans although this would then have it step into the territory of Roman Empire, another Netflix Original series that covers the Roman Empire specifically.

You can follow some of the team behind the show on Twitter who hopefully may give insight into the future of the show. Speaking to a fan (where he stated he wasn’t aware of any second season) Michael Talbot (one of the historians on the show) discussed with a fan what the show could and couldn’t do next.


In the meantime, if you want to do some more reading up, we’d recommend you take a look at this excellent thread on Twitter that looks into the historical accuracies and inaccuracies of the series from Dr. Shannon Steiner.


What to watch next on Netflix after Rise of Empires

Need some series similar to Rise of Empires? Here’s a few suggestions.

  • Roman Empire – anthology series that looks at the history of various rulers during the Roman Empire usually each with a big name lead star.
  • Knightfall – a historical drama that looks at what happens to a knight 15 years after the end of the crusades.
  • The Last Kingdom is one of Netflix’s best historical dramas that looks at Aflred the Great.
  • The Last Czars uses the same docudrama format as Rise of Empires and therefore is very similar in style.
  • The Witcher is a good recommendation if you fancy a bit of fantasy thrown into your historical dramas.

Now it’s over to you. Do you want to see season 2 of Rise of Empires on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Rise of Empires Ottoman Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

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