Are Seasons 1-4 of ‘Superstore’ on Netflix?

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Netflix has multiple NBC comedies streaming on the service but Superstore has always remained away from Netflix. Are any seasons of Superstore on Netflix? Will the series eventually come to Netflix and if not, where is the show streaming instead? We answer those questions below.

Superstore is now back for its fourth season on NBC and the show only seems to grow in popularity each year. NBC has its strongest comedy lineups in many years, arguably since the likes of The Office and Parks and Recreation were airing. The Good Place, Good Girls and I Feel Bad are making NBC a force to reckoned with in the comedy world.

Justin Spitzer is behind the show (The Office, Mulaney) which airs on NBC every Thursday and takes a look at the lives of employees at a big box store. America Ferrera stars alongside Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash and Colton Dunn.

Superstore is not streaming anywhere on Netflix

Sadly, Superstore can’t be found anywhere on Netflix. This is unusual for an NBC comedy. In recent years, Netflix has managed to secure the international rights to many of NBC’s comedies. The Good Place is a Netflix Original in the majority of international Netflix regions as is the recently released Good Girls.

In the case of Superstore, because the show started releasing before Netflix and NBC cosied up as it were, other deals were put in place.

Where can you stream Superstore instead?

In the United States, the show is exclusively available on NBC’s applications (often requiring a cable subscription) and Hulu, which NBC owns a part of. Weekly episodes and the back catalogue are available on the service. More often than not, Hulu retains the streaming rights to shows for the duration of its lifespan meaning we’re not anticipating it coming to Netflix at all.

Elsewhere, the United Kingdom is only available on ITV2 and available to stream on ITV Player.

Are you disappointed in trying to watch Superstore on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.