The Last Kingdom Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

The Last Kingdom has fast become one of the most popular titles in the Netflix library. Since making its debut in 2015 the fan base has grown exponentially, with many comparing its action and drama to that of HBO’s Game of Thrones. After another fantastic season, we’ve all been left wanting even more from the adventures of Uhtred. With renewal confirmed, here’s everything we know so far about Season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

The Last Kingdom is a Netflix Original series based on The Saxon Stories by author Bernard Cornwell. Originally, the series was produced by BBC America and was co-produced by Netflix. As of the third season Netflix had picked up the production entirely and it became a full Netflix Original.

Taken from his ancestral home after his uncle’s betrayal, young Osbert is raised by the Danes. Renamed Uhtred, he is raised as a son by Earl Ragnar. When Ragnar’s banished shipmaster returns to enact his revenge upon Ragnar, he pins the blame on Uhtred. Having no choice but to flee, he and his lover Brida retreat to the Kingdom of Wessex. Forced to serve King Alfred, Uhtred is given the task of training Alfred’s armies to fight the invading Danes. Uhtred dreams of being able to return to his ancestral home and reclaim his birthright.

The Last Kingdom Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Season 3 Recap: The Last Kingdom

Uhtred was forced to flee Wessex after accidentally killing a holy man in the presence of King Alfred. Fleeing north, Uhtred reunited with his adoptive brother Ragnar. The Danish were uniting to lead an invasion force south to further conquer areas of Mercia and thus Wessex.

The King’s nephew Aethelwold spent the entirety of the season scheming to take the crown from Alfred. This ultimately leads to the death of Ragnar when Aethelwold killed him while he slept. This split the Danish forces as Brida became distracted with finding her lover’s killer. Uhtred joined Brida in the search of Ragnar’s killer and finding a way for Ragnar’s soul to reach Valhalla as he died without his sword in hand.

Edward takes control of Alfred’s forces – Copyright Netflix

Edward led his father’s forces in the first fight against the Danes. Leading to a Wessex victory against Heasten’s forces. After the defeat of Heasten’s force, the Danish army is weakened and must wait out the winter before attacking. They send Aethelwold back to Wessex as a spy, to which the traitor’s life is spared but loses an eye for his crime. Aethelwold continues to scheme as Alfred’s condition worsened. Uhtred was able to reconcile with Alfred before the King’s passing. Finally learning of Alfred’s true feelings for Uhtred, he was pardoned by the King on the condition of swearing fealty to his son Edward. Uhtred eventually learns that Aethelwold’s murder of Ragnar and the coward flees Wessex to rejoining the Danes.

Aethelwold after losing his eye – Copyright Netflix

The Ambush

With Alfred’s passing Edward is crowned as king of Wessex. As spring approaches the Danish army moves south to begin its invasion. Aetholwold, having convinced Sigebriht a bannerman of Edward to turn, is confident he can turn the tide of battle when it arrives. Aethelred of Mercia declares that Mercia will not take part in the war and pulls his forces. Uhtred convinces King Edward to attack the invading force before they arrive to catch them off guard. Summoning his forces the army of Wessex rides out to meet the Danish invaders.

Catching the Danes off guard, the initial attack works to Wessex’s advantage. With superior numbers the Danes soon begin to hold back the Wessex army. Arriving in time to aid Wessex is Aethelfold’s (Sister of Edward and wife of Aethelred) Mercian army. Turning the tide of battle against the Danes, Sigebriht betrays Aethelwold and joins the side of Wessex. As Aethelwold attempts to flee the battle he is caught by Brida and Uhtred. Using what is left of Ragnar’s blood, Uhtred pierces the pouch holding the blood into Aethwold’s heart ensuring that Ragnar’s soul is sent to Valhalla.

Cast: The Last Kingdom Season 4

The full cast list is yet to be confirmed but we can expect the following cast members to return:

RoleActor/ActressWhere have I seen/heard before?
Uhtred RagnarssonAlexander DreymonChristopher and His Kind, American Horror Story, Resistance
Father BeoccaIan HartHarry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, Backbeat, Enemy of the State
AelswithEliza ButterworthDCI Banks, WPC 56
SihtricArna FedaraviciusDeadly Code, Access All Areas
AethelflaedMillie BradyPride and Prejudice and Zombies, King Arthur Legend of the Sword, Legend
StaepaAdrian BouchetPredator: Dark Ages, The Monuments Men, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
BridaEmily CoxThe Fatherless, Dutschke
FinanMark RowleyMacbeth, Home Fires, Luther
HaestenJeppe Beck LaursenDead Snow, The Last King, Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
CnutMagnus BrunnLand of Mine, Below the Surface, Sprinter Galore

Any new roles have yet to be confirmed. Once we know more information on the cast for Season 4 we’ll make sure to update.

Book Adaptations: The Last Kingdom Season 4

Previously, each season covered roughly two books from which the story is adapted from. Season 3 ended during the events of Death of Kings. There are some plot points from Death of Kings that could be used for the beginning of Season 4. If they move on from Death of Kings and choose to go onto the events of The Pagan Lord then a significant time jump is set to take place.

After Season 4 there are still three books ready to be adopted. The series has seen some significant differences compared to that of the books, so even if the series is to exceed the story of the books (Season 6 or 7) the writers will likely be fine continuing the story themselves. The biggest factor is the age of characters in the novels because Uhtred is in his Mid 50’s in the events of The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne.

Season 4 Will Cover the events from 3 books of The Saxon Stories: Copyright – HarperCollins

What to expect: The Last Kingdom Season 4

Uhtred is still yet to claim his rightful home of Bebbenburg, but the Danish threat still looms over Wessex and Mercia. While King Edward’s army of Wessex successfully defeated Haesten and Cnut’s force. Heaston’s fate has been left unknown while we definitely know Cnut lives. Cnut will likely want to take his revenge upon Uhtred for his role in helping the Wessex army.

Meanwhile, in Wessex, the new King Edward will have to deal with the politics of being a king. With a legacy such as his father’s hard to follow, Edward may struggle in his endeavor to unify the land and create the kingdom of England. At his side is Uhtred and with his sister the Aetheflaed co-controlling Mercia. They have a great platform to continue a conquest that would lead into capturing the lands held by the Danes such as Lundene and the Kingdom of East Anglia.

Uhtred’s children will have grown significantly if a time jump takes place. His oldest Uhtred could become a great warrior like his father, but will having been surrounded by Christians influence his future? Osbert the second son of Uhtred may instead be the son that honors his father. As for Stiorra, if she is half as beautiful as Gisela then many suitors will come forward to claim her hand.

Uhtred and Gisela in the 2nd season with the eldest son Uhtred and daughter Stiorra – Copyright Netflix

Production Status: The Last Kingdom Season 4

Season 4 is now in production! The Last Kingdom official twitter tweeted a photo of Alexander Dreymon riding his new Stallion ‘Pedro’

Set Photos: The Last Kingdom Season 4

Sadly we currently have no set photos of the fourth season. We’ve scoured the internet to find any set photos but nothing has been released as of yet.

Episode Count: The Last Kingdom Season 4

An official episode count is yet to be given. We are expecting the fourth season to have 10 episodes like the third.

Trailer: The Last Kingdom Season 4

A trailer is yet to be released. Instead, here are some of the cast of the third season discussing the show.

Netflix Release Date: The Last Kingdom Season 4

Many fans will be hoping for a 2019 release date. Production has only just begun for the fourth season so a late 2019 release date is possible! At the very latest we expect to see The Last Kingdom return in the first quarter of 2020.

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