The Office (US) won’t be coming back to Netflix UK

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The Office left Netflix UK three years ago and still, hundreds take to social media to request that Netflix add the famous NBC sitcom to the streaming service again. Here we’ll look why the show left, whether it’s returning and where you can stream instead.

The Office US is the famous American adaptation of the Ricky Gervais series of the same name. It ran for 9 seasons before coming to an end and wasn’t particularly popular in the United Kingdom until Netflix was showing it.

Let’s recap its status on Netflix UK. The series was first added to Netflix UK back in 2013 with the first six seasons. New seasons were added every year thereafter until season 9 was added at the beginning of 2015.

In October 2015, the series was listed to be removed from the service and when October 1st rolled around, the series was removed in its entirety.

Why did The Office leave Netflix?

The specifics on the situation as to why The Office left Netflix aren’t clear. What we do know is that titles come and go from Netflix all the time. Shows from NBC are bought normally on an annual basis.

Where is The Office US streaming in the United Kingdom?

It hasn’t now been streaming in the United Kingdom up until now. Comedy Central had the television rights to the show but they’ve not aired the show in quite a while. But, finally, in October 2018 a new streaming home was announced for the United Kingdom. Amazon Prime picked up all 9 seasons of The Office on October 3rd.

This means that Netflix is unlikely going to be getting The Office US back on the service despite picking up newer NBC sitcoms like The Good Place and Good Girls.

NBC’s other popular sitcom Community also left Netflix UK in the last few years with that show now moved to Channel 4 exclusively.

Are you sad Netflix won’t be getting The Office again or are you just glad that it’s found a new streaming home in the UK? Let us know in the comments below.

The Office (US) won’t be coming back to Netflix UK

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