Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Netflix’s Max feature

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Mid-2013 Netflix announced a brand new experimental feature which is due to change the way you discover and find new content on Netflix – as if Netflix wasn’t doing that already. The feature was dubbed to give a more natural way of finding new TV shows and movies across the expansive catalogue. Many of you haven’t used the feature yet as it is rather hidden away but here’s our top 3 reasons why you should be using it after finishing a binge.

1. It’ll make you smile

The voice-actor of Max has charm and wit which makes it an awesome and often just as entertaining as the title you’re about to watch. He’ll joke about certain programs, get frustrated when you don’t like his decision and even give his own opinion on things. It’s the subtle things which really makes this not just another form filling exercise.

2. It already knows you

Rather than giving you a hand fall of absolutely random and irrelevant programs it gathers information about what you’ve been watching in the past whether it be if you prefer TV series to movies, which categories you like and sometimes give you a couple of actors to compare movies against. This means the more you watch the more intelligent Max gets. It’s awesome.

3. It turns endlessly scrolling into a game

If you begin using Max as content discovery as opposed to mindlessly scrolling throughout the library you’ll spend less time searching and more time watching. That’s what it’s all about right? As mentioned before he’ll give you a suggestion and then a back up plan. If that all fails he’ll then read out 5 suggestions which may tickle your fancy. If not he’ll just give up which means you beat him. It’s essentially Netflix’s version of 20 questions.

Three Reasons Why You Should Be Using Netflix’s Max feature

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