Ultraman Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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Ultraman is one the most significant franchises in Japanese history. With Netflix acquiring the rights to an Ultraman series, this just goes to show that Netflix means business for its expansion of anime content. Here’s all we know for the upcoming season of Ultraman.

The franchise of Ultraman has been massively influential throughout the history of Japanese kids shows. A show like Ultraman paved the way for future Tokusatsu and Kaiju series. Akin to the same level of influence Godzilla has had on pop culture, without them we wouldn’t have franchises like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and Big Bad Beetleborgs.

The Plot

Many years have passed since the events of the original Ultraman. Now perceived as a memory the legendary ‘Giant of Light’ is believed to have left earth and returned to his home planet. Shinjiro Hayata discovers that his father was the Ultraman. Taking the mantle from his father Shinjiro becomes the new Ultraman of the earth.

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Who are the voice actors?

Only 4 of the core cast has been announced so far for Ultraman:

Role Actor/Actress Where have I heard them before?
Shinjiro Hayata / Ultraman Ryhouhei Kimura Grand Blue, ReLife, Tokyo Ghoul
Dan Moroboshi Takuya Eguchi Baki, Pokemon: The Origin, Diamond no Ace
Seiji Hokuto Megumi Han Devilman: Crybaby, Hunter x Hunter, Little Witch Academia
Susumu Hayata/ Ultraman Hideyuki Tanaka Digimon X-Evolution, F-Zero, One Piece

As a homage to the original Ultraman actor Susumu Kurobe, the father of Ultraman in the series has been given the name of Susumu.

Susumu Korobe as Hayata

What is the animation style for Ultraman?

Instead of hand-drawn animation, the series has been animated through Cel Shading. While this isn’t the most popular of styles, Cel Shading could be a great option for a series like Ultraman.

How many episodes will air for season one?

There hasn’t been a confirmation on the number of episodes for Ultraman, but if we are to go by traditional anime season lengths we can expect roughly 10 to 13 episodes to air.

The Trailer

Netflix has released a brand new trailer just as the new season approaches.

When is the release date?

Ultraman will release to audiences worldwide on April 1st, 2019.

Will there be a season 2 of Ultraman?

Only one season has been ordered so far but considering the popularity of Ultraman in Japan this series could potentially be huge for Netflix. With that, a second season will be dependent on the audience reaction.

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Ultraman Season 1: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast and Trailer

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