Unabomber Docuseries Coming to Netflix in February 2020

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Unabomber – In His Own Words – Picture: Yap Films

Another true crime docuseries is on the way to Netflix at the end of February that focuses on the Unabomber. Unabomber – In His Own Words is coming to Netflix globally on February 22nd, 2020. 

Netflix has invested heavily in true crime documentaries over the years with its notable titles including Making a Murderer. This documentary series that consists of four episodes across 4 hours takes an in-depth look into Ted Kaczynski also known as the Unabomber.

You may be aware that Discovery recently aired a scripted series that covered the events. Sadly, that’s not available on Netflix at present.

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What’s the docuseries about and who is the Unabomber?

Ted Kaczynski (aka The Unabomber) is notable because of the nationwide US manhunt for his capture and arrest. To date, it’s the most expensive investigation in the history of the FBI. Kaczynski terrorized the United States for over 17 years by mailing bombs to universities, airlines, and anyone else he saw pushing technology forward.

The series will interview his brother, David Kaczynski, to get an insight as to what made him do what he did for all of those years.

The docu-series international rights were picked up by Netflix back in January 2020. The docuseries is produced by Yap Films who are known for their previous works which includes The Genetic Revolution, Secrets of Noah’s Ark and Ice Bridge.

Netflix will distribute globally with the exception of Canada

Netflix Canada will not be seeing the release of Unabomber on February 22nd. Instead, you’ll see it available on Discovery Channel Canada on February 28th. Although we can’t rule out it coming to Netflix eventually, it likely won’t be for some time.

We’ve updated our February 2020 release schedule to reflect the release of Unabomber. Documentary buffs will be in no short supply this month with highlights such as Uppity: The Willy T. Ribbs Story, Who killed Malcolm X? and Formula 1: Drive to Survive’s second season appearing.

Are you looking forward to watching Unabomber – In His Own Words coming to Netflix at the end of February? Let us know in the comments down below.

Unabomber Docuseries Coming to Netflix in February 2020

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