What deal does Netflix and The CW have from 2019?

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Netflix & The CW

The CW and Netflix’s main deal has come to an end but thankfully, their relationship is not at an end entirely. Here’s what’s happening with Netflix and The CW going forward from 2019 onwards.

Deadline released the exclusive report that the deal which was due to expire in 2019 has now done so and arrangements have been made going forward.

Many were (and rightfully so) worried that Netflix is hemorrhaging third-party content at the moment. The CW supplies a massive amount of shows to Netflix and that looks like it’ll continue being the case into the future but with some major caveats going forward.

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Before we get into the deal going forward, let’s recap and set the stage.

The CW and Netflix have been working together on an overall output deal (with exceptions) for multiple years. This deal basically means that all new shows that The CW produces come to Netflix. The last update to the deal was back in 2016 when Netflix re-upped for three years.

Is Netflix and The CW renewing their contract?

The CW and Netflix will continue working together from 2019 onwards but in a more traditional relationship. They will not be renewing their overall output deal.

That means any new titles from The CW with the three being cited in Deadline’s article being Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Kay Keene will all have to be bid on by Netflix among other streaming services too.

What happens to the existing The CW shows on Netflix?

With that said, Netflix and The CW aren’t cutting ties entirely.

All existing shows from The CW will now be converted into what Netflix refers to as legacy contracts.

Firstly that means all The CW shows will say on Netflix for now. This includes the likes of Riverdale, Supernatural, the Arrowverse titles and many more. What seems to be the case is once a show has wrapped up, it then leaves Netflix a couple of years after it finishes.

Secondly, all the shows on Netflix that get new series will continue to come onto Netflix. That means Riverdale season 4 will be coming to Netflix. We don’t know how the release schedule has been affected as to whether new seasons come in the 8 day period as it does now or whether it’ll revert to its traditional September/October Netflix release window.

That’s all we know for now but we’ll be back with any changes should we hear of them.

What deal does Netflix and The CW have from 2019?

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