When Will ‘Kengan Ashura’ Part 2 be on Netflix?

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Kengan Ashura is now available to stream on Netflix – Copyright. Larx Entertainment

After a shockingly long wait, Kengan Ashura is finally available to stream on Netflix! It’s been a long time coming but after months, if not years of waiting fans will ultimately binge Kengan Ashura in a matter of days. With only 12 episodes for part one, naturally, fans are going to be asking when can we expect to see part 2? Well, allow us to help you with that and let’s find out when we can expect to see Kengan Ashura part 2 on Netflix.

Kengan Ashura is a Netflix Original martial-arts anime based on the manga of the same name by author Yabako Sandrovich. The manga’s serialization began in 2012, running for 236 chapters, 26 volumes and concluded in August 2018. Larx Entertainment, the studio behind the production of Kengan Ashura had previously only worked on two titles before being assigned as producers for the Original anime. It took a long time for an anime adaptation but it was ultimately decided by the fans when publisher Ura Sunday released a poll asking fans which series they wanted an adaptation for.

Since the Edo period of Japan, combatants have taken part in gladiatorial combat. Within the arenas are the powerful, wealthy and greedy businessman that hire gladiators on their behalf in a winner takes all fights. Bursting his way onto the scene is Tokita Ohma, joining the arenas and annihilating his opponents with ease. His skill and ability to destroy opponents has caught the eye of many within the arenas, with many fighters lining up to take Tokita Ohma on. Tokita Ohma fighting on behalf of the Yamashita Trading Co. takes part in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. With even more gladiators to fight Tokita Ohma can’t wait to test his might.

When will part two of Kengan Ashura be on Netflix?

The next season of Kengan Ashura will be dropping on the 31st of October, 2019!

How much of the manga has part 1 covered?

We were right in our prediction that part 1 would end at the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

With the conclusion of Muteba Gizenga and Meguro Masaki’s fight, this covers roughly 73 chapters of the manga.

It must be noted there are plenty of minor plot points in the manga that have been missed in the anime. If the anime had of covered the manga panel to panel then it could have easily added plenty more episodes.

Muteba Gizenga (Kengan Ashura) – Copyright. Larx Entertainment

How much of the manga would part 2 cover?

The manga has 237 chapters so one-third of it has been covered by the anime.

We won’t go into spoiler territory but we predict that the anime will cover up to chapter 140 or chapter 152.

This is because of the fights that take place are incredibly significant not to mention absolutely awesome.

Will the series end with part 3?

Going by how much of the manga has been covered, three parts would make the most sense to conclude Kengan Ashura.

There’s no confirmation on the number of parts the anime will air but three makes the most sense.

Have subscribers enjoyed Kengan Ashura?

The art style is the biggest issue subscribers have with Kengan Ashura:

As we noted above there is a significant portion of story from the manga taken out of the anime in favor of fight scenes.

Netflix’s marketing definitely has to improve.

Despite what may seem like negative comments there are still subscribers excited to binge Kengan Ashura.

Will Kengan Ashura have a second season?

Each ‘part’ can be acknowledged as a ‘season’ for the anime.  But if you were to identify three parts as one season overall, then no, it’s very unlikely that the series will go beyond part three. This is because all of the source material of Kengan Ashura will have been covered.

Kengan Ashura does have a sequel manga serialization, titled Kengan Omega. At the time of writing, Kengan Omega only has 26 chapters.

Each chapter of Kengan Omega released on a weekly basis. By the time Netflix is finished with Kengan Ashura, there should be enough source material to create of least one season for Kengan Omega.

Narushima Koga from Kengan Omega – Copyright. Shogakukan

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When Will ‘Kengan Ashura’ Part 2 be on Netflix?

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