When will Season 5 of Arrow be on Netflix?

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We have exciting news about the Netflix release date of Arrow season 5 onto Netflix as we’ll be getting it much sooner than previous years. Here’s when Arrow season 5 will come to Netflix. 

Arrow is the king of CW shows at the moment with a series that goes from strength to strength each season and has gotten even better since the introduction of other DC Comics TV adaptation on the network too. With the other characters, which includes The Flash and Supergirl, we get cross-overs which tend to be excellent episodes and really builds a shared world worth caring about.

The TV adaptation tells the story of a playboy millionaire who has a secret alter-ego who is a vigilante loaded with a bow and arrow and other assorted weapons. Season 5 will be seeing Arrows toughest challenge yet with him having to recruit brand new vigilantes to assist him.

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Arrow Season 5 Netflix Release Date

Up until this year, CW shows on Netflix have been fairly consistent as to when they come onto Netflix. For the past three years at least, new seasons of Arrow have landed onto Netflix every October along with their counterparts but next year will be slightly different.

Earlier in the year, a new contract came into place that stated that it’d be bringing its titles to Netflix a lot earlier than normal bringing forward the October 2017 release date. The new deal states that we’ll be getting all the episodes dropped around 8 days after the season finale airs on The CW.

Given the lack of change in premiere date with season 5 airing this year on October 5th, 2016, we can expect the series to finish up towards the end of May. This means that a week or two later means we’ll be seeing season 5 of Arrow added to Netflix US in early-to-mid June 2017. Update: Netflix has announced S5 of Arrow is coming on June 1st, 2017.

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Note: The CW deal wasn’t specific around which titles were on the new release schedule so this is purely speculation at this point.

When will Season 5 of Arrow be on Netflix?

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