When will Season 8 of ‘Death in Paradise’ be on Netflix?

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Death in Paradise is the popular British-French crime-drama filmed on the Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. The past 7 seasons have been immensely popular for audiences in the UK and US.

On the Caribbean island of Saint Marie, a British agent is assigned to investigate the murder of a British police officer. After successfully solving the investigation, he begrudgingly stays on to become the detective inspector of the island.

Death in Paradise has been able to maintain its place in the top three most popular programs on British TV. This popularity has also transitioned across the pond to the US. The crime-drama has a very loyal fan following abroad with many waiting in anticipation for every new season.

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When will season 8 be on Netflix US?

Season 8 is set to air on British TV but if we go by the previous 6 seasons of Death in Paradise then season 8 will air on the BBC in January. Each season ends by the end of February and if we go by the usual format it will be 6 months after the finale before the next season is released. Therefore we can expect the release of the next season in September.

What about other regions?

Death in Paradise is also available to Australian and British subscribers.

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When will Season 8 of ‘Death in Paradise’ be on Netflix?

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