Netflix Original ‘NSU German History X’ Leaving Netflix in July 2020

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German mini-series NSU German History X is set to leave Netflix in most regions around the world on July 7th, 2020. It’s the latest Netflix Original title to depart from the service. 

NSU German History X or as it was known in Germany, Mitten in Deutschland: NSU, is a three-part series taking place shortly after Germany’s reunification and the police’s battle to crack down on neo-Nazi’s underground operations. Each episode’s runtime is around 90 minutes and is among the best German content to come to Netflix. It also scooped many awards in its home country.

The series first touched down on Netflix in the United States back in July 2016.

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Where is NSU German History X leaving Netflix?

Among the regions set to lose the title in July 2020 include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. Some other regions such as Netflix Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, and Iceland also carry the series but don’t currently show a removal date.

The series originally aired back in 2016 in Germany before being picked up and released on Netflix in the regions stated above in July 2016.

It’s always strange seeing a headline that states a Netflix Original is set to leave Netflix. We’ll get into explaining this in a little why but it is confusing no matter how clued up on the matter you are. We’ve long advocated for the changing of Netflix Original titles on certain titles to Netflix Exclusive to avoid confusion.

Why is NSU German History X leaving Netflix?

NSU German History X is leaving Netflix because it falls into the international distribution exclusive in the four types of Netflix Originals.

That means, while Netflix carries the show exclusively, they do not own the distribution rights. That means in this case, Netflix exclusively licensed the show for four years.

Where will the show head next? Most likely nowhere. Over the years, we’ve seen many Netflix Original titles leave Netflix but fail to find new homes.

Chewing Gum is a recent high profile example that’s not available anywhere on streaming having left Netflix.

Will you be watching NSU German History X before it leaves Netflix in July? Let us know in the comments.

Netflix Original ‘NSU German History X’ Leaving Netflix in July 2020

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