Are Seasons 1-2 of ‘American Gods’ on Netflix?

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American Gods – Starz

American Gods is one of Starz biggest shows at the moment and with season 2 now airing, let’s take a look to see if the series is streaming on Netflix anywhere in the world and if you can’t, where you can stream American Gods instead.

The series is about old and forgotten gods battling against the new ones. The series is based on the novel by Neil Gaiman. The series features a slick visual style which is complemented by a fantastic cast including Ricky Whittle, Crispin Glover, Emily Browning, Bruce Langley and Pablo Schreiber.

The first season aired on Starz back in 2017 with the second season just wrapping up now in April 2019.

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Will American Gods be on Netflix in the United States?

At the moment, American Gods remains away from Netflix at least for now. Starz has made the effort in recent years to try and drive subscribers to their own streaming platform whether that be through the solo application or through their Amazon add-on. For the meantime, that’s how we’re expecting it to stay.

With that said, Netflix has recently picked up the first two seasons of Outlander with season 5 arriving later this year. So we could soon see Starz add the first season of American Gods to act as a promotional tool for future seasons and subsequently, their streaming service. It’s a smart move but we’re not expecting to see anything until 2020 at the earliest.

Is American Gods on Netflix in the UK?

In the United Kingdom, the show is marketed and carried exclusively by Amazon on its Amazon Prime platform. In fact, in most regions outside of the United States, the show is carried by Amazon Prime. Which means should Starz ever cancel the show, that’s the network to most likely take the reigns going forward.

There you have it, for the moment, American Gods remains away from Netflix meaning you’ll have to find other means to watch but as always, things could change and if they do, we’ll let you know here on What’s on Netflix.

Are Seasons 1-2 of ‘American Gods’ on Netflix?

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