Best Netflix Podcasts in 2021

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best netflix podcasts to listen to 2021

Podcasts are a dime a dozen nowadays so finding a good one is always a challenge. If you’re a hardcore “Netflixer”, you may be in search of a good Netflix podcast to find out what’s new, some behind the scenes or what’s worth watching. Below, we’ll pick out some of our favorite podcasts Netflix has produced internally and some of the best external podcasts too.

Note: we’re going to link to for all of the podcasts below purely because it has a link to every other platform on the page. 

Best Netflix Produced Podcasts

Behind The Scenes

behind the scenes netflix podcast

This is perhaps the best podcast Netflix produces and if you only listen to one podcast on this list, this is the one to listen to.

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The series has run since June 2019 although it’s sadly only sporadically released. It takes a dive into a number of different shows discussing all the ins and outs of production and story often with the creators of the shows that they cover.

Titles that have been featured thus far are Shadow and Bone, The Witcher, Stranger Things, and The Umbrella Academy.

The unveiling of the curtain that’s exhibited in these podcasts and not available anywhere else is exactly what I’m after from a Netflix-produced podcast.

Our main complaint with this specific podcast series is that there are nowhere near enough episodes available.

Listen to Behind the Scenes.

10/10 (Would Recommend)

10 10 would recommend netflix

Another superbly produced podcast from Netflix here and finds the right balance in bringing in Netflix’s talent pool to talk while providing two hosts that are personable (albeit their London accents can bit a little heavy even for a fellow Brit!) and insightful. The show’s main draw is that the two hosts are friends in real life. Gena-mour Barrett works at Netflix and co-hosts with Tolani Shoneye who primarily works on a podcast called The Receipts.

The podcast originally began its life simply titled What to Watch on Netflix before morphing into the show we know it to be now although its central goal has remained the same. Treat it almost as the two hosts pitching you why show x deserves to be your new favorite show. That doesn’t quite do it justice, however as there’s plenty of other segments including some excellent interviews.

New episodes are coming out regularly too with recent episodes at the time of publishing looking into Master of None, Sweet Tooth, and Nailbomber: Manhunt.

Listen to 10/10 Would Recommend.

The Crown: The Official Podcast

the crown podcast netflix

If you love The Crown, this companion podcast will help fill the void as we face a long wait until the next season.

With a show like The Crown which is essentially trying to mirror real-world events, it’s good to get perspectives on what each episode tries to cover and this does that in spectacular detail.

It’s presented by ex-Radio 1 presenter Edith Bowman and features an assortment of guests involved with the show.

There are a number of shows just like this produced for Netflix shows but this one is by far our favorite.

Stranger Things is the next show set to get a companion podcast in the style of this one and hopefully, we see it rolled out beyond Stranger Things too.

Listen to The Crown: The Official Podcast.

Netflix’s body of podcasts beyond these three we love is quite expansive however some only run for a limited time before being dropped.

I Hate Talking About Myself hasn’t seen a new episode since March 2020 but had a great bite-sized premise to it. There are also similar podcasts to the ones above but with different hosts such as KnowItAll and Present Company.

Finally, if you’re looking for a deeper knowledge of the inner goings-on at Netflix, We Are Netflix interviews various staffers about their day-to-day life working at the streaming service. It’s fascinating for Netflix geeks like me but may not be for everyone.

Best Non-Netflix Produced Podcasts

As a fansite, we’d be remiss not to mention some of the best podcasts hosted by fans, journalists, or other companies. There are few to get through so here are our top listens.

Netflix N’ Swill

netflix n swill

We’ll kick off with a podcast that reviews all the new Netflix Originals each week with hosts Dan and Caleb who come armed with a tipple of their own choosing.

Episodes vary in length although each features a good conversation between the two and they don’t mince their words if they’re not especially keen on a show or movie.

Full disclosure, we’re friends with the podcast so our opinion on this one may be a little bias.

Listen to Netflix ‘N Swill podcast

Netflix Life Podcast

netflix life podcast

Our Netflix fansite rivals NetflixLife launched a podcast back in October 2020 with editors of the site Bryce Olin and Cody Schultz sitting down to talk about all things Netflix. They are joined most weeks by a number of the contributors to the site to discuss Netflix news and general discussion on specific shows whether that be Netflix Originals or licensed content.

It’s concise at roughly 20 minutes an episode and while they verge often into more theory territory, it’s still a worthy listen and we find plenty of good insights each week.

Listen to Netflix Life Podcast


nomcast netflix podcast

Another review-focused podcast now in the form of The NOMCAST which began back in December 2018.

Each episode tends to pick a Netflix Original movie to review and what’s especially great about this podcast more recently is the varied guests that come onto the show. These interviews are particularly engaging and well worth a listen as they’re often with talent and for movies and shows that may not get a voice elsewhere for numerous reasons.

It’s hosted by comedian Andrew Morgan and each episode will run you roughly between 50 and 100 minutes long.

Listen to The NOMCAST

Must Watch with Jean Bentley and Brandon Katz

must watch with jean bentley and brandon katz

Last but certainly not least is the Must Watch podcast with Jean Bentley and Brandon Katz hosting. Both are entertainment journalists and each week, they focus on answering the question, what’s worth streaming right now.

The pair have great chemistry in every episode and can talk about any subject with deep knowledge and insight.

The only point we should really add is that this show has been transitioning to becoming a general streaming podcast as opposed to being primarily Netflix oreinated as it originally began. Recent episodes have covered rival streamers such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max for instance.

With that said, Netflix features a bunch in their back catalog with many newer episodes still heavily focused on individual Netflix shows.

Listen to Must Watch with Jean Bentley and Brandon Katz.

Have we missed your favorite Netflix podcast? Let us know in the comments down below.

Best Netflix Podcasts in 2021

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