Black Mirror Confirmed for 12 Episodes Exclusively to Netflix


For those who have been following in recent weeks, rumours have been rampant regarding the status of Black Mirror as to whether it’ll be getting a brand new season or not. Todays it has been confirmed by Netflix that it’ll be getting a brand new season and better yet, it’ll be 12 episodes.

Charlie Brooker, who wrote the original series said “It’s all very exciting — a whole new bunch of Black Mirror episodes on the most fitting platform imaginable. Netflix connects us with a global audience so that we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining that ‘Black Mirror‘ feel. I just hope none of these new story ideas come true”.

The title is going to be a Netflix Original in all regions with the exception of the United Kingdom where Channel 4 will still have involvement, as they did with the original two seasons.

The series is a must watch for any Netflix fan and is frequently featured on the most popular carousel on Netflix and is widely praised across the industry. The show offers viewers a glimpse into what the future may hold with technology growing into a more important part of daily lives.

You can watch the two seasons excluding the Christmas special right now on Netflix around the world.

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