British Comedy ‘The Last Bus’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix in April 2022

Netflix's newest British comedy series The Last Bus is coming in April 2022.

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The Last Bus – Picture: Netflix

A new young ensemble takes center stage in Netflix’s newest British comedy series, The Last Bus. Arriving on April 1st, 2022, The Last Bus is just one of many exciting Originals arriving at the start of April. Here’s everything we know so far about The Last Bus on Netflix.

The Last Bus is an upcoming Netflix Original British sci-fi comedy series written and created by Paul Neafcy. The series has been produced by Wildseed Studios, with directing duties split amongst Drew Casson, Lawrence Gough, Steve Hughes, and Nour Wazzi.

When is The Last Bus coming to Netflix?

Thanks to the release of the official trailer we can confirm that The Last Bus will arrive on Netflix on Friday, April 1st, 2022.

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The Last Bus is one of many titles scheduled to arrive on Netflix in April 2022.

What is the plot of The Last Bus?

The synopsis of The Last Bus has been provided by Netflix:

A group of school students travel to the launch of the Genie Orbs – a new class of robot designed to clear up the environment. The students are understandably stoked. As one of them says “after today’s trip the world may never be the same again”. How right he is but just not in the way he expects.

As soon as the miraculous AI-powered Genie Orbs are introduced by tech billionaire Dalton Monkhouse, they begin to apparently vaporize everyone in the audience and not just this audience – but audiences at hundreds of thousands of identical events all over the world…

A mismatched assortment of students just manages to make it back through the carnage to their rackety old school bus and head home in search of answers, only to be met by a mysteriously empty world.

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Who are the cast members of The Last Bus?

Thanks to a recent press release we now know who the cast members of The Last Bus are.

We know for certain that The Umbrella Academy fan-favourite Robert Sheehan is starring, and will serve as the series antagonist, Dalton Monkhouse, the scientist who built the super-advanced robots making humanity disappear. Anyone unfamiliar with The Umbrella Academy may recognize Sheehan from previous roles in Misfits, Geostorm, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, and Mortal Engines.

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Joining Robert Sheehan in the cast is a whole heap of fresh new actors;

  • Moosa Mostafa – Nas – 12-year old child prodigy.
  • Lauryn Ajuro – Misha -Sophie’s best friend, and an agent of chaos.
  • Phoebe De Silva – Sophie – Nas’s intelligent older sister, who struggles to find her confidence.
  • Daniel Frogson – Tom – “Beta Male” that is torn between acting “like a man” and allowing his true self to shine.
  • Nathaniel Saleh – Josh – The goofy emphatic class clown that cares for his sick mother.
  • Carys John – Bethan – The theatre kid with bundles of energy that keeps the group’s positivity going.
  • Marlie Morrelle – Chelsea – A lover of order who struggles to deal with the growing chaos of the group’s predicament.
  • Curtis Kantsa – Danny – A bully, and a wannabe alpha male.
  • Lara McDonnell – Lucy – A social media queen bee and the ultimate “cool girl.”
  • Tom Basden – Mr. Short  – The class’s nerdy teacher, and Nas’s current only friend.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed that the first season of The Last Bus will have a total of ten episodes.

All of the episode titles have been revealed:

  • 1×1 – Ignition
  • 1×2 – Escape
  • 1×3 – Home
  • 1×4 – School
  • 1×5 – Chase
  • 1×6 – Funfair
  • 1X7 – Orb
  • 1X8 – Truth
  • 1X9 – Lost
  • 1X10 – Family

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British Comedy ‘The Last Bus’ Season 1: Coming to Netflix in April 2022

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