Castlevania Season 3 Coming to Netflix in March 2020

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The game to the anime adaptation of Castlevania has been nothing short of brilliant. Netflix fans will be ecstatic to hear that Castlevania will be returning for a third season 3 on March 5th, 2020!

Castlevania is most well known for being one of the oldest video game franchises in history. The very first title released back in September of 1986, and the latest out of 29 titles were Lords of Shadows 2 in 2014. The franchise has an array of characters and storylines to take inspiration from this the studios producing the show were spoilt for choice. Season 1 first released July 2017. Many fans fell in love with the show and with only 4 episodes to its name, it left the fans bloodthirsty for more.

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After the death of his wife at the hands of the church, this leads to Dracula declaring war on the human race, Dracula summons his generals and demons to wage his war. Dracula’s plan to wipe humanity from the face of the earth leaving a peaceful paradise in its place. Standing in his way is Trevor Belmont, the disgraced monster hunter of the Belmont clan. Alucard, the Dhampir son of Dracula and The Mage Sypha Belnades.

When is the release date?

It has been confirmed that the third season of Castlevania is arriving on March 5th, 2020!

What is the plot of season 3?

No official synopsis of for season 3 has been released. So, for now, we can speculate on the upcoming plot.


Dracula has been defeated. With Dracula dead, Alucard takes ownership of both Dracula’s castle and the Belmont Hold. Trever no longer had no need for his ancestral home and thought it would be more fitting for Alucard to take ownership and make it a home rather than a grave. Alucard then goes to his father’s study and begins to break down in tears. With no family and his friends having left Alucard is free to mourn the death of his parents. Are his tears more than that of Sadness? Will Alucard descend into madness due to his loneliness, or will he decide himself his father was right and take on humanity?

With Dracula’s forces defeated and himself dead, a power vacuum has been left in its stead. Isaac encounters a group of bandits and murders them, transforming them into night creatures to start his own army. In the ruined city of Braila, Hector, and Carmilla hide from the townspeople and Sun. After Carmilla reveals Dracula’s death to Hector, she takes advantage of his confusion and her soldiers bound him in chains. Carmilla enslaves Hector to force him into making an army of Night Creatures. With 2 armies on the rise, a war will inevitably break out between the 2 rising factions.

Trevor and Sylpha load their wagon, say their goodbyes to Alucard and leave to start a new adventure. Depending on how long it will take for Carmilla and Isaac to raise their army of undead, we could see a brand new Belmont take center stage. The descendants of Trevor, Christopher (Great-Grandson) and Simon (Great-Grandson of Christopher) have battled Dracula on many occasions. Those characters are in the video games thus it doesn’t mean they will carry over into the series.

From left to right. Trevor Belmont, Alucard and Sypha Belnades

Who are in the cast for season 3?

There has been no news for the cast members of season 3. If we are to assume the core cast remains the same we are likely to see the following return:

Role Actor-Actress Where have I seen/heard them before?
Trevor Belmont Richard Armitage The Hobbit, Captain America, Ocean’s Eight
Alucard James Callis Battlestar Galactica, Bridget Jones’ Diary, Austenland
Sypha Belnades Alejandro Reynoso Winx Club, Red Dead Redemption 2,
Hector Theo James Divergent, How It Ends, Underworld; Blood Wars
Isaac Adetokumboh M’cormack Blood Diamond, Irish Goodbye, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Carmilla Jaime Murray Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, Dexter, Defiance
Dracula Graham McTavish The Hobbit, Preacher, Ducktales


Will Castlevania crossover with Devil May Cry in season 3?

It is unlikely that we will see the next season of Castlevania crossover with Devil May Cry. For fans confused by this, it has been reported that both franchises will merge to form a ‘bootleg’ multiverse. So in the future, we can expect to see characters crossing over in each other’s franchise.

Are you excited for season 3 of Castlevania? Let us know in the comments below!

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