‘Castlevania’ Season 4: Netflix Renewal Status, Release Date & What to Expect

Castlevania – Copyright. Powerhouse Animation and Netflix

Castlevania returned to fine form once again in a spectacular fashion for season 3. After binging the series ourselves, we’re already looking ahead to what may come next in the fourth season of Castlevania. We’re still waiting to hear news of renewal from Netflix, but we’re confident our favorite video-game anime adaptation will return in the near future. Below we’ve discussed everything Castlevania season 4, including what to expect, cast, renewal status, and potential release date.

Castlevania is a Netflix Original horror anime series adapted from the popular video game franchise of the same name. Animated by Powerhouse Animation, Castlevania is one of the slickest looking anime available to stream on Netflix. While many anime fans prefer sub over dub, the series has, arguably, one of the best English dub casts available. The series has fast become one of the most in-demand Originals on Netflix, and while there are long gaps between seasons, they are more than worth the wait.

Castlevania Season 4 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 09/03/2020)

Despite its overwhelming popularity, Netflix has yet to announce renewal for Castlevania. It shouldn’t be too surprising, as of the time of writing the third season has been available to stream for under a week.

Castlevania has fast become one of the most anticipated Original anime to drop, so if the series weren’t to continue it would be a monumental shock. As one of the most popular anime in Netflix’s arsenal, we’re fully expecting to see the series return in the near future.

What to expect from the fourth season of Castlevania?

There was plenty for fans to digest by the end of the third season. Here’s what we can expect to see in the fourth season.

The growing madness of Alucard?

Only a month had passed since the defeat of his father Dracula, but loneliness had begun to take hold of Alucard. It didn’t take long before he had visitors, Taka and Sumi, former slaves of the vampire lord Chō.  After spending several days with the pair, teaching them how to fight vampires and showing them the secrets of the Belmont hold, Alucard grew close to Taka and Sumi.

After an extremely intimate encounter, the pair betrayed Alucard, coming to an assumption that the Dhampir was hiding secrets by not teaching them magic. Before Taka and Sumi could strike a killing blow, Alucard used his magical sword to slit their throats. To dissuade others from trying to enter the castle Alucard impaled the corpses of Taka and Sumi on spikes, just like his father had done in the past.

Alucard’s distrust of strangers will be incredibly high now and will isolate himself from interacting with anyone if necessary. While the Dhampir doesn’t have the same weaknesses as full vampires, he has one weakness, his humanity. He’s already shown he hates being lonely, but the betrayal of Taka and Sumi may have broken his heart. There’s every chance Alucard may embrace more of his vampire nature, which can only mean bad news for the people of Wallachia.

Alucard betrayed by Taka and Sumi – Copyright. Powerhouse Animation and Netflix

The Council of Sisters conquest

We all saw it coming, but sadly Hector didn’t. After his capture by Carmilla, Hector was taken to her stronghold in Styria, where the Council of Sisters resides.

While his treatment at first was poor, one of the sisters, Lenore, made sure to take care of him, albeit for nefarious means. Lenore was tasked with convincing the forge master to build an army for the Sisters, so they could enact Carmilla’s plan of expanding their territory 800 miles east towards Braila. The territory would be a corridor kingdom/empire that would keep the Sisters well stocked with humans for food and potential soldiers.

By successfully seducing Hector, she tricked him into becoming her “pet”, believing that he couldn’t handle freedom, and this was what he always wanted. Hector has no choice but to obey her after being tricked into wearing a slave-ring. The forge master will also have to obey Lenore’s sisters as they have the rings to control Hector too.

With Hector now under the Council of Sisters’ control, he will have start forging a new army of night creatures. Once the army is ready, the sisters will start their aggressive expansion east towards Braila. It’s more than likely they will come into conflict with Isaac and his army, not to mention Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belnades.

Hector being seduced by the hot vampire redhead… we get it. – Copyright. Powerhouse Animation and Netflix

Isaac’s Conquest

One of Dracula’s last acts before his death was to save his second forge master Isaac. Despite his master’s death, Isaac still sees it as his responsibility to carry out Dracula’s will and to bring about the end of humanity, and ultimately kill Hector for his betrayal.

Isaac’s tiny force of night creatures eventually amassed into a huge legion after coming into contact with various different human settlements. On multiple occasions, he gave humans a chance to live, if they had only shown him kindness and respect to let his forces pass on through unabated. Each human settlement felt his wrath when he was challenged.

By the season’s end Isaac discovered a mirror that can take himself and his army directly to Styria. Determined to kill Hector, his huge army will come into conflict with the Council of Sisters.

Isaac on the warpath on his hunt for Hector – Copyright. Powerhouse Animation and Netflix

Trevor and Sypha to fight Alucard?

Spending the entire time in the town of Lindenfeld, Trevor and Sypha with the help of Saint Germain the Judge’s forces were able to stop the priory from bringing back Dracula from Hell. Even though the pair were successful in stopping the resurrection of the vampire lord, it didn’t come without cost. The priory sacrificed a huge number of villagers to enact their plan, practically destroying all of Lindenfelfd in the process.

Trevor and Sypha’s faith in humanity was shaken when they discovered that their ally, the Judge, was a monster in his own right. His precious apple tree had become a trap for children, a “small pleasure” the Judge had secretly enjoyed. Impaling the children on spikes, he would steal their shoes as trophies.

As Trevor and Sypha left the town of Lindenfeld, the former told his lover this was the life he was used to.

There’s every chance that Trevor and Sypha could be returning to Dracula’s castle to seek out Alucard. But with Alucard slowly becoming more and more like his father each day, will he welcome his old friends with open arms, or will he feel that they abandoned him when he needed them most?

Ultimately, Alucard is looking more like he will become the next big bad, forcing himself and his old friends to come to blows.

Trevor, Sypha, and Germain stopped the priory from resurrecting Dracula – Copyright. Powerhouse Animation and Netflix

Which cast members could we see return for Castlevania season 4?

The following cast members are expected to return for the fourth season of Castlevania:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Trevor BelmontRichard ArmitageThe Hobbit | Hannibal | Robin Hood
Sypha BelnadesAlejandra ReynosoWinx Club | Red Dead Redemption 2 | Just Cause 4
AlucardJames CallisBattlestar Galactica | Bridget Jones’s Diary | Austenland
HectorTheo JamesDivergent | Insurgent | Allegiant
IsaacAdetokumboh M’CormackBlood Diamond | Captain America: The Winter Solder | Lost
LenoreJessica Brown FindlayA New York’s Winter’s Tale | Victor Frankenstein | Albatross
CarmillaJaime MurrayThe Deaths of Ian Stone | Dexter | Defiance
MoranaYasmine Al MassriCaramel | Quantico | Crossbones
StrigaIvana MilicevicJust Like Heaven | Running Scared | Paycheck
Saint GermainBill NighyLove Actually | Pirates of the Caribbean | Page Eight

If we learn of any new cast members we’ll be sure to let you know.

How many episodes will Castlevania season 4 air?

Taking into consideration that every season has had a separate number of episodes, it could be anywhere between four and ten. In all seriousness, we do believe the next season will arrive with of least eight episodes because anything fewer would be wildly disappointing.

When is the Castlevania season 4 release date?

The previous release dates for seasons of Castlevania have been;

  • July 7th, 2017
  • October 26th, 2018
  • March 5th, 2020

In between seasons one and two, respectively, there were a total of 15 months, as for the gap between seasons two and three, it took a whopping 17 months.

If we use these gaps as a base for speculating a release date for season 4, we could expect to see Castlevania return between June and August 2021.

It must be noted that a Summer 2021 release date is speculation on our part. But evidence suggests we could be right, and if the release date is earlier, fantastic, if it’s later then we expect to see the torch and pitchforks in the comments below.

Would you like to see a fourth season of Castlevania on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!