First Kill Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What To Expect

Has First Kill been renewed or canceled at Netflix? No decision officially just yet be assess its chances.

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first kill netflix season 2 renewal status and what we know so far

First Kill – Picture: Netflix

One of the big new premieres of 2022 for Netflix is First Kill, a new teen drama series that sees a vampire fall in love with a vampire hunter. The show definitely sets up a second season but will we be heading back for a season 2? Here’s what we know. 

Arriving on June 3rd, 2022 the new series from V.E. Schwab sees Juliette and Calliope falling in love on screen to the disappointment and surprise of everyone around them.

Among the cast for the series includes Imani Lewis as Calliope Burns, Sarah Catherine Hook as Juliette Fairmont, Elizabeth Mitchell as Margot Fairmont, and Gracie Dzienny as Elinor Fairmont.

The reviews for the series have seemingly divided critics and audiences. On RottenTomatoes, the show holds a 52% with critics but 93% so far with audiences. Over on IMDb, the series is clocking in with a 6.2. It’s worth noting that the show has garnered a big and vocal following on social media.

Variety’s Caroline Framke was perhaps harshest on the series saying:

“For all the work First Kill puts into making sure it hits all the right notes, the series feels more like an uncanny valley version of what it’s attempting to be rather than a worthwhile story all its own.”

Has Netflix renewed First Kill for a season 2?

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed
Our renewal prediction: 50/50

In terms of our prediction, we think it’s too early to call on the future of the show. We’ll be waiting to see its performance in both weeks 2 and 3 to judge whether the show will get renewed. Typically, if we see drops of over 50% when it comes to viewership it’s likely the show doesn’t stand a chance. We’ll cover the performance of the show in the next section.

Ultimately, renewal is going to depend on performance for the series and in particular, how well it performs in weeks 2 and 3.

Should the series not get renewed, many fans of the show already have an answer as to why with many taking to social media to complain about the marketing for the series.

first kill screenshot netflix

First Kill – Picture: Netflix

How well is First Kill performing on Netflix?

In its first three days on Netflix globally, the show picked up 30.34 million hours placing it number 7 for that week. It was up against stiff competition in that first week too with Surviving Summer and of course, Stranger Things dominating both headlines and viewership.

In week 2, the show scored 48.77 million hours viewed which represents a 61% increase in viewership.

Week Period Hours Viewed(M) Rank Week in Top 10
June 5th, 2022 to June 12th, 2022 30,340,000 7 1
June 12th, 2022 to June 19th, 2022 48,770,000 (+61%) 3 2

We can compare First Kill’s first three-day debut to other shows to see how it stacks up. If we compare against Heartstopper (which dropped with episodes with lower runtime it’s worth noting) that show only managed 14.55 million views.

Another comparison would be In From The Cold, another sci-fi/fantasy-esque show with a similar makeup. That achieved 24.72M hours in its first 3 days on the service. That show still hasn’t been renewed for a season 2 yet but it’s worth noting that it did see a big 64% drop in viewership from weeks 2 to 3.

Data from Parrot Analytics (published via TheWrap) suggests the show’s interest in week 2 shot up 90% and placed the series just behind Ms. Marvel and ahead of Gaslit in terms of demand.

the wrap parrot analytics first kill insights

10 most in-demand new shows, U.S. – Picture: Parrot Analytics

We can also look at raw top 10 data from FlixPatrol who collects the daily top 10s from around the world and applies points to the show depending on what position it is in. They note that the show is still growing in popularity and as of June 15th was the third most popular title on Netflix globally behind Stranger Things and Peaky Blinders.

The global map below shows you where the show is performing best with Brazil, Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom being the strongest performing countries for the show so far.

first kill performance on netflix top 10s flixpatrol

First Kill world performance on Netflix – Picture: FlixPatrol

Google Trends can also provide us with some insight into how well the series stacks up in terms of demand in searches. We’ve compared the show against some other debut shows in 2022 including In From The Cold, Heartstopper and Vikings: Valhalla.

As you can see, the show has made a modest start and has surpassed In From The Cold but is likely going to come in under the demand of Vikings: Valhalla (renewed through to season 3) and far short of Heartstopper (which was renewed for two additional seasons).

google trends first kill chart

Google Trends chart for First Kill vs In From The Cold, Heartstopper, and Vikings: Valhalla

Finally, we like using IMDb’s MOVIEmeter charts which measures popularity in its movie and show database (and boasts over half a billion visits a month) which shows the show had next to no anticipation leading up to the release but debuted at 63. In week 2, the show rose in popularity hitting #11.

imdb pro stats for first kill netflix 1

IMDb Pro MovieMeter score for First Kill

What to expect from season 2 of First Kill on Netflix

A quick recap of the season 1 finale before we dive into where we’re headed next.

Here’s a reminder of what happened in the final episode:

“Blood flows and betrayal burns after a shocking turn of events leaves devastation in its wake – and tests the bonds of love between Cal and Juliette.”

first kill netflix show

First Kill – Picture: Netflix

That ultimately leads to a big bust-up with the relationship seemingly dead between Juliette and Calliope with Cal vowing to one day kill Juliette and all legacies like her.

One of the big story threads going into a second season would be Theo who is now becoming a vampire and his journey into that world and coming to terms with his new reality.

As DigitalSpy notes, Elinor is in a spot of bother for a second season by saying:

“Elinor’s part in the whole Theo-vamp debacle has inadvertently landed her in police custody. Without her parent’s help to save her, how will she escape jail? We smell multiple murders on the horizon.”

Would you like to see First Kill return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

First Kill Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & What To Expect

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