Is ‘Groundhog Day’ on Netflix?

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groundhog-day-netflixThat time of year has rolled around once again and every bodies eyes focuses on Pennsylvania to predict the arrival of Spring. The holiday is still well regarded among many and of course the holiday is also strongly associated with Bill Murray’s most famous movie, Groundhog Day.

The film released in 1993 is all about how one weatherman travels to the town where the Groundhog predicts Springs arrival but gets caught in a cycle of having to repeat each day over and over. As such, many networks that owns the rights to the movie will stream the movie over and over again especially for the holiday. It’s one of Murray’s finest pieces of work and is still enjoyed by all despite being over 2 decades old.

It’s genuinely funny but at the same time delivers a valuable lesson in how to respect time and appreciate what you have. With that said it’s a great movie for the kids to enjoy. It stars Bill Murray (of course) along with Andie MacDowell, Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolwsky and Brian Doyle-Murray.

But is the Murray classic streaming on Netflix? Well the good news is yes but only in some Netflix regions.

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Those who have Netflix in Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany or India are all able to stream the movie whereas those in other regions will have to resort to other platforms to get their Groundhog Day fix.

Will you be celebrating Groundhog Day by watching the movie or will you stream something else, let us know in the comment section below.

Is ‘Groundhog Day’ on Netflix?

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