‘Itaewon Class’ Season 1: Netflix K-Drama, Plot, Cast, Trailer & Episode Release Schedule

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Netflix received some excellent new K-Dramas in 2019, and already 2020 is shaping up to be even more exciting for the popular genre. One of the first titles to arrive this year is the highly anticipated adaptation of the webcomic Itaewon Class. We have everything you need to know about Itaewon Class, including the plot, cast, trailer and episode release schedule.

Itaewon Class is an upcoming K-Drama series internationally licensed by Netflix for global distribution. The series is based on the popular Korean web-comic by Gwang Jin and was also written by Jin for television. Directing the series is Kim-Sung-Yoon who previously directed popular K-Dramas such as Love in the Moonlight and Discovery of Love. Thanks to the recently renewed partnership between jTBC and Netflix, Itaewon Class is the first of many K-Dramas coming to Netflix throughout 2020, thanks to

When is the Netflix release date for Itaewon Class?

The first episode of Itaewon Class will be available to stream on Netflix on January 31st, 2020.

How many episodes will the first season of Itaewon Class air?

It has been confirmed that Itaewon Class will have a total of 16 episodes. There will be a total of two episodes available to stream on Netflix per week.

What is the episode release schedule for Itaewon Class?

Episodes will be released on the following dates:

EpisodeAir Date
131st of January, 2020
21st of February, 2020
37th of February, 2020
48th of February, 2020
514th of February, 2020
615th of February, 2020
721st of February, 2020
822nd of February, 2020
928th of February, 2020
1029th of February, 2020
116th of March, 2020
127th of March, 2020
1313th of March, 2020
1414th of March, 2020
1520th of March, 2020
1621st of March, 2020

In South Korea, the K-Drama will be airing on jTBC at 23:00pm on Friday and Saturday nights.

What is the plot of Itaewon Class?

The synopsis for Itaewon Class is as follows:

On the first day of attending his new high school, Park Sae Roy gets into trouble after punching Jang Geun Won, who had been bullying a fellow classmate. Jang Dae Hee, the father of Jang Geun Won, is the CEO of the restaurant business Jagga, and the boss of Park Sae Roy father. After refusing to apologize for punching Jang Geun Won, Park Sae Roy father is fired, and he is ultimately expelled from school. Soon after, a tragic accident, caused by Jang Geun Won, takes place and Park Sae Ro Yoy’s father dies. Heartbroken and angry at his loss, Park Sae Roy viciously beats Jang Geun Won, earning himself time in prison. Deciding to take revenge upon the Jagga compony and the Jang family, Park Sae Roy opens his own restaurant in Itaewon, Seoul.

Who are the cast members of Itaewon Class?

The following cast members have been confirmed to star in Itaewon Class:

RoleCast MemberWhere Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Park Sae-Ro-YiPark Seo-JoonWhat’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? | Hwarang: The Poet Warrior | Fight for My Way
Jo Yi-SeoKim Da-MiThe Witch: Part 1 | Marionette
Jang Dae-HeeYoo Jae-MyungConfession | Stranger | The Beast
Oh Soo-AKwon Na-RaDoctor Prisoner | Suspicious Partner | Your Honor
Jang Geun-WonAhn Bo-HyunHer Private Life | My Only Love Song | HIYA
Jang Geun-SooKim Dong-HeeSKY Castle | A-TEEN | Miss Granny
Kang Min-JungKim Hye-EunDoctor John | Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time | Secret Affair
Ma Hyun-YiLee Joo-YoungMaggie | Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo | Jane
Choi Seung-KwonRyoo Kyung-SooA Daytime Picnic | The Vanished | Baby Besides Me
Tony KimChris LyonMiss & Mrs. Cops
Ho-JinDavid LeeHotel del Luna | Save Me | Tree With Deep Roots


What are the episode run times?

Each episode will have a run-time of sixty minutes.

Itaewon Class dual poster – Copyright. Showbox/Mediaplex

What is the parental rating of Itaewon Class?

The parental rating for Itaewon Class is PG-13.

Will Itaewon Class be available to stream in 4K?

As a licensed series, Itaewon Class doesn’t have the same specifications as fully-fledged Netflix Originals. Even though Itaewon Class won’t be available to stream in 4K, subscribers can still watch the K-Drama in full 1080i.

Has Netflix released a trailer for Itaewon Class?

A trailer for Itaewon Class from YouTube channel The Swoon is now available to watch!

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