‘Lost Ollie’ Netflix Limited Series: What We Know So Far

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lost ollie netflix what we know so far

Netflix is launching more and more family-friendly content and one of such productions is Lost Ollie, a hybrid of live-action and animated limited series. The production team behind Lost Ollie is truly what one would call a powerhouse and here’s why:

The series will be adapted by Shannon Tindle, who worked as a designer on Coraline and wrote stop-motion fantasy film Kubo and the Two Strings. Lost Ollie will also be helmed by Peter Ramsey, who most famously directed Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse to massive critical and audience acclaim. The CGI characters in Lost Ollie will be created by Industrial Lights & Magic, who most recently worked on the Disney+ hit series The Mandalorian.

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Netflix’s Lost Ollie will be executive produced by Stranger Things producers Shawn Levy, Emily Morris and Josh Barry with 21 Laps Entertainment as well as Oscar-winning designer Brandon Oldenbrook.

What is the plot of Lost Ollie?

Netflix’s Lost Ollie is an adaptation of William Joyce’s 2016 book Ollie’s Odyssey. Lost Ollie will follow a lost toy, searching across the countryside for the boy who lost him, and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend.

Here is a more detailed description of the plot:

Oswald is a favorite. Of all the toys in Billy’s home, the stuffed rabbit takes top rank: everywhere Billy goes, so goes Oz. But being a favorite is more than a privilege—it’s also fraught with danger. Because of Zozo. Zozo has never been a favorite. An amusement park prize who was never chosen, Zozo has grown so bitter that, when the amusement park closes, he seeks revenge on every toy lucky enough to be a favorite. He wants them all to become The Lost, and even better, Forgotten. When Billy accidentally leaves Oz under the table at a wedding, Oz finds himself on an unplanned adventure, kidnapped by the nefarious Zozo and his gang of creeps and faced with the momentous task of saving not only himself, but all the other stuffies who are “lost” as well…

With nods to Toy Story and Knuffle Bunny, but with that insoucient joie de vivre that is all William Joyce’s and Moonbot’s own, here’s a look at what REALLY goes on with your stuffed animals when the lights are out.

Who is cast in Lost Ollie and what characters they portray?

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In March 2021, Netflix announced an extensive list of the cast along with their character descriptions for Netflix’s Lost Ollie:

  • Jonathan Groff, known for his roles in Mindhunter, Hamilton and Frozen, will voice Ollie, a handmade toy rabbit stitched together from odds and ends. Ollie has a pure spirit with a heart of gold and never ruins a chance to make friends. He’s been best friends with Billy since forever, until one day he ends up in a resale shop with no way home. Though he’s often afraid of the unknown, Ollie puts on a brave face and sets off to find Billy, meeting other toys to help him along the way.
  • Oscar nominee Mary J. Blige (The Umbrella Academy, Mudbound) will voice Rosy, a raggedy teddy bear stitched together from other toys. Rosy is a fearless warrior who is deeply passionate with inspiring confidence. While unsure of Ollie at first, she becomes an important ally as she joins them on their journey.
  • Tim Blake Nelson (Watchmen, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) will voice Zozo, a clown doll who is an old toy and an even older soul. Zozo is a true gentleman with a good sense of humor, and after meeting Ollie and hearing his story, he agrees to help Ollie on his journey.
  • Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin, Carmen Sandiego) will play Momma. Billy’s mother Sharon is a loving woman who inspires creativity and imagination in her son. She makes sure to cherish their time together, teaching Billy all the things he’ll need to know to find happiness in the future.
  • Jake Johnson (Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Jurassic World) will play Daddy. Billy’s father James is overworked and stressed, doing his best to take care of Billy and his wife, Sharon. Sometimes that stress leads to being short with Billy, but he’s doing all he can to make a good life for his son.
  • Kesler Talbot (Deliver by Christmas) will play Billy, a young boy with a mind bursting with creativity. He shares a magical bond with his toy Ollie, a homemade rabbit made by his beloved mother, who joins him on all of his adventures. When Ollie gets lost, Billy embarks on a mission to find him.

How many episodes will be in Lost Ollie?

It has been confirmed by Deadline that the first season of Netflix’s Lost Ollie will have four 45-minute episodes.

What is the production status on Lost Ollie Season 1?

Netflix’s Lost Ollie already started filming on February 1, 2021 in Vancouver, Canada and one of the locations included a school with a fake playground:

Showrunner Shannon Tindle has provided updates as well

Filming for Lost Ollie was expected to wrap by the end of March 2021, according to issue 1223 of Production Weekly.

When will the first season of Lost Ollie be released on Netflix?

Given the extensive post-production work that will be required to bring all the CGI characters to life, we wouldn’t expect the series to drop on Netflix sooner than 2022.

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