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Tigran is our resident previews writer. He works on collecting everything known about upcoming Netflix Original projects.

echos netflix series what we know so far

Netflix Series ‘Echoes’: What We Know So Far

Making the effort to expand its library of thrillers, Netflix is teaming up once again with Brian Yorkey, the showrunner, writer, and producer of the acclaimed series 13 Reasons Why. Yorkey will produce the psychological...

anna k netflix russian original

Russian Netflix Original ‘Anna K’: What We Know So Far

Netflix is set to adapt Leo Tolstoy’s timeless classic Anna Karenina into a new series that will become the very first Netflix Original from Russia. Filmed entirely in the Russian language, Anna K will be...

darren star producing netflix series uncoupled

‘Uncoupled’ Netflix Series: What We Know So Far

After successfully partnering up in Emily in Paris, Netflix and Darren Star are uniting again for the romantic-comedy series Uncoupled.  Uncoupled follows the life of Michael, whose 17-year marriage comes crashing down when his husband...