‘Lumberjanes’ Boom! Studios Movie in Development at Netflix

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Lumberjanes – Picture: Boom! Studios

Hot off the announcement that Boom! Studios and Netflix will be teaming up on new material, we’ve learned that two new projects are in development already. Below, we’ll take you through one of the projects already reportedly in development, Lumberjanes.

Just to quickly recap, Netflix struck a deal with Boom! Studios in April 2020 to develop several new titles, whether that be movies or TV series.

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It joins the growing list of output deals Netflix has with studios and creators. It’s the third major output deal with a comic maker, with it acquiring Millar World and having an output deal with Dark Horse Comics too.

Netflix has already announced its first title with The Unsound scheduled to arrive at some point in the future.

What we know about Lumberjanes on Netflix

The comic is an ongoing series from creators Grace Ellis and Shannon Watters.

60 issues have been produced so far with its first publication releasing back in 2014. Interestingly, Lumberjanes has crossed over with a DC animated series in the past.

The most recent comic release was on March 24th of this year when Lumberjanes: To The Max Edition, Volume 6 was released.

It’s not the first time a movie for Lumberjanes has been in development. 20th Century Fox was reportedly working on a live-action adaptation back in 2015. However, with the Disney merger, this project (along with another couple of Boom! Studios projects) were canceled.

No actors or actresses are currently attached according to our source, but Will Widger and Cat Vasko are currently attached as writers. In addition, Ross Richie, Stephen Christy, and Adam Yoelin are pegged as producers.

Here’s a bit of a rundown of the comic and what you can expect from the movie.

The story begins mid-adventure as five campers are out after hours investigating a strange event that they all witnessed: a woman turning into a giant
bear. This is just the first of many odd occurrences that Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley encounter at the summer camp for “Hardcore Lady Types.”
The Lumberjanes, as the scouts are called, band together to solve puzzles, defeat three-eyed creatures, and escape the ire of their watchful counselor
Jen. Each protagonist has a skill that helps the group conquer each obstacle. Spunky, lovable characters sparkle with exuberant personality and
challenge gender stereotypes. Small details make these episodes stand out—the hipster Yetis guarding a mysterious lighthouse, Molly and Mal’s tender
glances at each other, and Ripley’s penchant for animals and all things cute.

Source: ProductionWeekly.

‘Lumberjanes’ Boom! Studios Movie in Development at Netflix

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