More Seasons of ‘One Piece’ Anime Coming to Netflix in June 2022

More seasons of One Piece are coming to Netflix in June 2022!

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more seasons of one piece are coming to netflix in june 2022

Water 7 in One piece – Picture: Toei Animation

The Sky Island Arc only just landed on Netflix, but already it has been announced by the streaming service that more seasons will be on the way in June 2022! The next batch of seasons should take fans through the incredible experience of the Water 7 saga.

One Piece is one of the most beloved and most successful and beloved Japanese fictional franchises in history. Starting life as a manga in weekly shonen jump in July 1997, the popularity of the series quickly grew paving the way for its anime adaptation. The manga still continues to this day, with both the number of manga chapters and anime episodes exceeding 1000.

In June 2020 Netflix US received episodes of One Piece for the first time, giving fans new and old access to the East Blue and Alabasta Sagas. The next batch of seasons was recently added on May 22nd, 2022, with the entire Sky Island Saga available to stream.

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So far the following number of “seasons” of One Piece has been released on Netflix US:

  • Season 1 – East Blue (61 episodes)
  • Season 2 – Entering into the Grand Line (16 episodes)
  • Season 3 – Enter Chopper at the Winter Island (15 episodes)
  • Season 4 – Alabasta (38 episodes)
  • Season 5 – TV Original 1 (13 Episodes)
  • Season 6 – Sky Island: Skypiea (30 episodes)
  • Season 7 – Sky Island: The Golden Bell (22 episodes)
more seasons of one piece are coming to netflix in june 2022 sky island

An epic moment in One Piece – Picture. Toei Animation

When is the next set of One Piece seasons coming to Netflix?

Netflix has confirmed that the next batch of One Piece seasons will be coming to the US library on Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022.

Which One Piece arcs are coming to Netflix next?

If the next set of seasons takes the One Piece anime to the very end of the Water 7 Saga, then we can expect to see the following on Netflix:

  • Season 8 – The Naval Fortress (11 Episodes)
  • Season 9 – The Foxy Pirate Crew (22 Episodes)
  • Season 10 – Water 7 (35 Episodes)
  • Season 11 – Enies Lobby (21 Episodes)
  • Season 12 – CP9 (22 Episodes)
  • Season 13 – Goodbye Going Merry (19 Episodes)

Season 8 to Season 13 would take place from the start of the G-8 Arc and end with the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

What about Thriller Bark and Summit War?

If Netflix releases more episodes of One Piece then the Thriller Bark saga will be next.

Soon after we could expect to see the Summit War Saga on Netflix, which would then take the total number of episodes on Netflix to 516.

Are you excited for more episodes of One Piece on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

More Seasons of ‘One Piece’ Anime Coming to Netflix in June 2022

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