‘Mulligan’ Adult-Animated Comedy: Everything We Know So Far

From the Minds of '30 Rock' the Adult animated series 'Mulligan' is coming to Netflix in May 2023.

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Picture. Mulligan – Universal Television

The minds of 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt have a brand new adult animated series, Mulligan, coming to Netflix in May 2023. We have everything you need to know about Mulligan, including the plot, cast, first look, and the Netflix release date.

Mulligan is an upcoming Netflix Original adult animated comedy series co-created by Robert Carlock, and Sam Means. The pair are co-runners, while Tina Fey, David Miner, Eric Gurian, Scott Greenberg, and Joel Kuwahara are executive producers. Universal Television is the producer of Mulligan, in association with Little Stranger, Inc., Bevel Gears, 3 Arts Entertainment, and Bento Box Entertainment.

Mulligan Netflix release date and first look

We can confirm that Mulligan will be released globally on Netflix on Friday, May 12th, 2023.

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Netflix also dropped a first-look video at the series on YouTube.

What is the plot of Mulligan?

The synopsis for Mulligan has been sourced from Netflix:

After Earth is destroyed by an alien attack, a rag-tag band of survivors has to start society over from scratch. It’s an opportunity to learn from humanity’s past mistakes and get things right this time. Or make the same mistakes all over again. Probably the second one.

Who are the cast members of Mulligan?

We have the full cast of Mulligan with provided character descriptions;

  • Nat Faxon is “Matty Mulligan” – A working-class everyman from Boston, Matty single-handedly saved Earth from the alien invasion, but now he’s in way over his head as the leader of (what’s left of) humanity. The only thing he wants more than to be loved by everyone is to win over Lucy, but both will require him to actually think about someone other than himself for once.
nat faxon mulligan season 1 netflix

Nat Faxon is the voice of Matty Mulligan – Universal Television

  • Chrissy Teigen is “Lucy Suwan” – Lucy had a whirlwind romance with Matty during the attack, so she’s now the de facto First Lady. Except they just met and it turns out they have nothing in common. A beauty queen who believes deeply in the America you see in beer commercials, she wants to use her newfound influence to actually help fix the world, if she can just figure out how.
chrissy teigen mulligan season 1 netflix

Chrissy Teigen is the voice of Luvy Suwan – Universal Television

  • Tina Fey is “Dr. Farrah Braun” – Dr. Braun is a Military super-scientist and single mom. She’s still trying to “have it all” as a working mother, but is still being dismissed as just a “female scientist” in a world that really shouldn’t have time to bother with that stuff.
tina fey mulligan season 1 netflix

Tina Fey is the voice of D. Farrah Braun- Universal Television

  • Sam Richardson (The Afterparty) is “Simon Prioleau” – Simon is the only surviving historian and one of Matty’s top advisers, even though Matty thinks he’s a useless nerd. Desperate to save what’s left of human history before it disappears, he’s also eager to take this new opportunity to reinvent himself as a confident cool guy. It’s not working, though. No one is buying the fedora.
sam richardson mulligan season 1 netflix

Sam Richardson is the voice of Simon Prioleau – Universal Television

  • Dana Carvey is “Senator Cartwright LaMarr” – The self-appointed Vice President, LaMarr is a simpering, scheming, political animal who is anxious to rebuild everything just the way it was, when guys like him were in power. He is forced to contend with both Matty’s apathy and Lucy’s empathy in order to govern the way he wants to, but his power is dependent on Matty’s popularity, so he has to continue to prop him up. For now.
senator cartwright lamarr mulligan season 1 netflix

Dana Carvey is the voice of Senator Cartwright LaMarr- Universal Television

  • Phil LaMarr (Futurama, Mad TV) is “Axatrax” – A dignified general, Axatrax is the only alien survivor of the invasion and is now a prisoner of the intellectually inferior humans who defeated him. Imprisoned in the White House bowling alley, he becomes an unlikely “shoulder” to cry on for Matty, but he may just be buying time until he can signal for a second invasion.

phil lamarr mulligan season 1 netflix

Phil LaMarr is the voice of Axatrax – Universal Television

Recurring guest stars have also been confirmed for the series;

  • Ayo Edebiri (The Bear) is “General Scarpaccio/Jayson Moody” – “General Scarpaccio” was an aimless teenager, Jayson Moody, before he found a Marine general’s uniform on a corpse and put it on. He’s now the head of the Joint Chiefs, which means he gets to do cool stuff like shoot guns and fly helicopters.
ayo edebiri mulligan season 1 netflix

Ayo Edebiri is the voice of General Scarpaccio – Universal Television

  • Daniel Radcliffe (Weird: The Al Yankovic Story) is “King Jeremy” – Jeremy Fitzhogg is the party-boy son of an English Lord who was working in the British Embassy when the aliens attacked, but everyone in America thinks he’s smart because of his accent. And when he realizes he’s the last surviving British citizen, he declares himself King.
daniel radcliffe mulligan season 1 netflix

Daniel Radcliffe is the voice of King Jeremy- Universal Television

  • Ronny Chieng (M3gan, The Daily Show) is “Johnny Zhao” – Johnny Zhao is a Hong Kong billionaire who spent the attack partying with models on his yacht. After coming ashore in D.C., he teams up with LaMarr to try to make money matter again in a world that doesn’t need it.
ronny chieng mulligan season 1 netflix

Ronny Chieng is the voice of Johnny Zhao – Universal Television

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‘Mulligan’ Adult-Animated Comedy: Everything We Know So Far

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