Netflix Picks Up Animated Series ‘Bebefinn’ from The Pinkfong Company

Pinkfong's newest animated series hits Netflix.

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bebefinn pinkfong lands on netflix

Bebefinn – Picture: Pinkfong

Continuing the trend of acquiring kids’ content from popular YouTube IP is Bebefinn, a new series that comes from the creators of Baby Shark, Pinkfong. 

The new series, which launches on Netflix globally today (December 15th), is available in English, Spanish, and Korean language options.

This is the second major Pinkfong license for Netflix following the release of Pinkfong & Baby Shark’s Space Adventure in January 2021.

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Per a release from Pinkfong, here’s what you can expect from the new series:

Bebefinn is the company’s first 3D animated family show about the dynamic daily lives of three babies and their parents centering on a 20-month-old baby Finn. Having achieved nearly 3 million subscribers and 658 million views on YouTube, the series became one of most fastest-growing preschool shows on the platform.”

Three episodes were released, with the total runtime being two and a half hours.

We put some questions to the Chief Business Officer of The Pinkfong Company, Gemma Joo, about the release of the new series:

What’s on Netflix: Why did you choose Netflix to distribute the new series?

GJ: Having age-appropriate, dedicated features for kids, Netflix has been an incredible place where we can meet kids and families and bring joyful content around the world. According to streaming analytics firm FlixPatrol, Pinkfong and Baby Shark’s Space Adventure, the sing-along special that was released on Netflix made the fifth most-watched movie in Netflix’s Today’s Top 10 list in the U.S. The special also ranked in the Today’s Top 10 Movies across Netflix in 18 countries, including the U.K., Ireland, Canada, and Australia, over 5 consecutive days.

We can’t wait to see more kids and families meet the lovable Bebefinn family!

WON: Will Netflix receive season 2 of Bebefinn further down the line?

We do hope to bring further adventures of the Bebefinn family to kids and families on Netflix in the future.

The company recently greenlit to expand the world of Bebefinn with the new season, which follows Finn and his siblings, Bora and Brody, as they leave their comfort zone and take new adventures outside of their house such as the backyard and parks. Season two will bring new levels of excitement and engagement that truly lends itself to heartwarming adventures.

Please stay tuned for more exciting adventures of the adorable Bebefinn family!

WON: Finally, many parents are dying to know, is there any more Baby Shark coming to Netflix?

GJ: We are thankful for Pinkfong and Baby Shark fans and their love and support and hope to see more Baby Shark content on Netflix soon. Please stay tuned for more exciting news!

pinkfong bebefinn netflix poster

Picture: Pinkfong

Netflix continues to license numerous kids’ titles based on hit YouTube Franchises (such as Netflix’s growing collection of content from Moonbug Entertainment) despite having a robust slate of Netflix Original kid’s animation series and movies from internal studios and partnerships with studios like DreamWorks Animation.

What’s on Netflix contributor Emily Horgan (who also runs a newsletter called The Kids StreamoSphere) told us why Netflix has been picking up so many titles from YouTube:

“As Netflix’s approach has evolved from “the home of everybody’s favorite show” to making what “our audience wants to see”, YouTube obviously presents a fertile place in acquiring content that has been proven to work with viewers, on a global level, and at scale. This can come with an, often valid, question mark on the quality of the content. How much attention are they they’re putting on delivering a kids offering that offers stories, characters, heart, and learning, as well as or in the right proportion to the mental candyfloss that often comes from YouTube.”

pinkfong bebefinn

Picture: The Pinkfong Company

Will you be checking out Bebefinn on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

Netflix Picks Up Animated Series ‘Bebefinn’ from The Pinkfong Company

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