List of Moonbug Entertainment Shows on Netflix

CoComelon, Blippi and more is streaming on Netflix!

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Moonbug Entertainment has become one of the biggest names in children’s programming and many of its shows are available on Netflix. Here’s a guide to every Moonbug Entertainment show currently on Netflix or coming soon in the near future. 

Established in 2018, Moonbug has been creating and acquiring huge children’s IP (mostly from platforms like YouTube) and has been releasing its content around the globe through various distribution channels including Netflix.

Here’s a breakdown of all the Moonbug Entertainment content currently on Netflix as of April 2022.

Little Baby Bum

First arrived on Netflix: July 2017

little baby bum netflix

One of the first of the Moonbug titles that came to Netflix is Little Baby Bum which was created in 2011 by Derek Holder and Cannis Holder.

There are two seasons on Netflix with the first season consisting of 3 episodes and the second with 5. Almost all regions are also streaming Learning Songs by Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends and select few have access to Little Baby Bum: Nursery Rhyme Friends.

Go Buster

First arrived on Netflix: October 2017

go buster netflix

Titled on Netflix as Little Baby Bum: Go Buster, this hour-long programming is only 58 minutes in length and only available on Netflix in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Here’s the official synopsis for the series:

“Play and learn with Buster, the curious and friendly yellow bus!”


First arrived on Netflix: December 2019

morphle netflix

Two seasons of this animated series are on Netflix with 10 episodes available in total.

Here’s how the show is described by Moonbug Entertainment themselves:

“Follow the adventures of 5-year-old Mila and her magic pet Morphle, who can morph into anything Mila dreams up!”

The second season of the show came to Netflix in December 2020.


Streaming since: June 2020

cocomelon lane netflix

CoComelon is a cultural phenomenon that started off as a humble YouTube channel. Moonbug Entertainment acquired it in July 2020 and the rest is history.

Since its arrival in June 2020, we’ve seen new seasons come roughly every six months. As of April 2022, there are now 5 seasons available on Netflix 12 hour-long compilations. Given its success, we’re also seeing Netflix invest further into the property as we’ll come onto in a second.

The show continues to be a record-breaker on Netflix’s top 10s. As of April 19th, 2022 it’s now spent 583 days in the Netflix US top 10s.


First arrived on Netflix: January 2022

blippi on netflix

Blippi was acquired alongside CoComelon back in July 2020 by Moonbug Entertainment. The YouTube channel has amassed over 12 billion views in its lifetime.

The live-action kids series sees a character dressed in blue with orange straps and hat teaching kids various lessons.

Blippi titles available on Netflix:

  • Blippi (Collection 6 – 23 episodes)
  • Blippi The Musical (2021)
  • Blippi’s School Supply Scavenger Hunt (2021)

Moonbug Entertainment Shows Coming Soon to Netflix


Coming to Netflix: May 1st

arpo netflix series

Another successful Moonbug Entertainment property is headed to Netflix. Having previously been a YouTube channel, the series also notably saw itself released as an Amazon Kids+ Original in 2021.

The animated series is about a super-robot ARPO who is kicked out of the military but receives an important to look after a young girl called cookie.

Blippi Wonders

Coming to Netflix: May 1st

blippi wonders netflix

Animated version of Blippi is on the way to Netflix in early May in most Netflix regions.

CoComelon Lane

Coming to Netflix: TBD

cocomelon lane netflix

24 episodes of a new CoComelon spinoff are in production that “will deliver brand-new adventures from JJ and his best friends as they experience life’s big moments as little kids.”

New episodes will begin to arrive this year.

Tidying up a little bit, some of Moonbug’s other content is available on Netflix India. That includes Mia’s Magic Playground and Supa Strikas.

Another Moonbug Entertainment title coming exclusively to Netflix soon is Little Baby Bum: Music Time set to arrive in 2023.

List of Moonbug Entertainment Shows on Netflix

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