Netflix Reportedly Passed on HBO Max’s Amy Schumer Documentary

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Amy Schumer: Growing – Picture: Netflix

One of the launch lineup shows for HBO Max was reportedly sent to Netflix but seemingly, Netflix passed on it. 

The news comes from an interview between Amy Schumer and Howard Stern that took place on April 28th. Schumer, who is a well-known and often controversial comic, was on the Howard Stern Show to promote her new cooking series but also spoke in-depth about her upcoming documentary for HBO Max.

Throughout the interview, she did mention her specials with Netflix and said that the documentary was sent to Netflix but eventually HBO Max picked up the doc.

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So, this isn’t news right? Netflix gets pitched plenty of shows and movies all the time. Well, you’re right. But the key thing here is the crossover with her latest stand-up special released in 2019, Growing.

As Variety revealed, the upcoming documentary that is currently called Expecting Amy takes a look at Amy’s pregnancy from start to finish.

Having both the special and documentary in a single location would’ve allowed you to have a bit more context for the special, but now it looks like you’ll need to do HBO Max for that.

In the stand-up special, Amy Schumer is notably pregnant and that’s the subject of the documentary. With unfiltered behind the scenes “look at Schumer as she goes through a difficult pregnancy while touring and preparing for a stand-up special.”

HBO Max is set to launch the documentary as one of its first set of HBO Max originals that also includes Love Life from Lionsgate, new Looney Tunes, a handful of reality series, and eventually a one-off special for Friends.

Amy Schumer did go onto say she has a great relationship with Netflix and specifically Ted Sarandos.

Netflix Reportedly Passed on HBO Max’s Amy Schumer Documentary

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