“No Plans” For ‘Adventure Beast’ Season 2 at Netflix

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no plans for adventure beast season 2 netflix

Adventure Beast – Picture: Netflix

The adult-animated series Adventure Beast is not currently expected to return for a second season at Netflix, What’s on Netflix has learned exclusively.

12 episodes of the animated series hit Netflix all at once rather unceremoniously on October 22nd, 2021 around the world. The educational mockumentary series follows a zoologist, his assistant and his niece as they look to save wildlife but as they soon find out, not all want to be saved.

Among the voice cast for the animated series included Josh Zuckerman, Danice Cabanela, Bradley Trevor Grieve, Piotr Michael, and Rachel Butera.

The show was produced by Kapow Pictures based out of Australia and Mission Contol Media. Zack Bornstein, Bradley Trevor Greive and Mark Gravas were all involved in either directing or writing all 12 episodes.

The series ultimately received mixed reviews from users with it sitting at a 5.2 on IMDb at present with only 549 reviews submitted. According to IMDb, the week following its release on Netflix, it only climbed to be the 1,652nd most popular title on the site.

Decider.com gave the show a “STREAM IT” rating saying that the show is “a fun and informative animated series that takes advantage of its star’s inherent goofiness and knowledge to create a character unique to adult animation.”

Following its release on Netflix, all has been quiet on the future of Adventure Beast. After a certain amount of time a show is classed as being “in limbo” before years pass when we knew that it was quietly canceled behind the scenes.

In this instance, we were informed via email that the show is not currently renewed at Netflix and is not expected to return. While they didn’t explicitly say the show had been canceled, they did say, “At this stage, Netflix have no plans to produce Season 2 unfortunately.”

Of course, Netflix could ultimately change its mind and opt to renew the show for future seasons but given how animation typically works, the timetable of that being able to happen seems unlikely.

adventure beast netflix animation

Adventure Beast – Picture: Netflix

The news comes just a week after we got word that The Midnight Gospel would not be returning for any future seasons at Netflix and following months of cancelations within Netflix Animation (albeit primarily in their kids slate).

Adventure Beast will be joining our full list of canceled Netflix Originals of 2022 which has grown to over a dozen titles as we hit the midway point of 2022.

Would you have liked to have seen a second season of Adventure Beast at Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

“No Plans” For ‘Adventure Beast’ Season 2 at Netflix

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