‘The Midnight Gospel’ Canceled at Netflix; Won’t Be Returning for Season 2

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The Midnight Gospel Canceled At Netflix

The Midnight Gospel – Picture: Netflix

The Midnight Gospel will not be returning at Netflix for a season 2 as it joins one of the many cancelations of 2022 according to the creator of the show.

Ordered by Netflix in December 2019, The Midnight Gospel went onto release on the service in April 2020. The show was created by the Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward and the comedian Duncan Trussell.

While receiving positive reviews from critics and audiences alike (it holds an 8.2 on IMDb) with some of the reviews saying the series is “Funny, smart, and surprisingly deep” and others saying the show is “Creative, stunning, thought-provoking, funny, beautiful, amazing”.

While beloved by its audience, the show didn’t set the Netflix top 10s on fire when it released. According to FlixPatrol the show only featured in the TV top 10s in around 9 countries with it performing best in regions like Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. It failed to reach the top 10s in the United States.

The news of the cancelation came from Duncan Trussell who when responding to a fan said thatThe Midnight Gospel was cancelled by Netflix.”

He went on to add that they did hope for a season 2 saying:

“In my mind there’s one more season but the sentient glass “deciding” cube they keep in their catacombs vibrated “No more.” And it’s hard to argue with a cube.”

Then following some of the responses, he added a PS saying:

“PS I’m so lucky that the folks at Netflix rolled the dice and let us make such a strange show. They were supremely supportive all the way through and I’ll love them forever for it.”

The show has many parallels with Tuca & Bertie which also, we hope is fair to say, left-field in its wackiness. That show went onto get revived by HBO Max with the second season due to release in June 2022.

The news of the cancelation comes around the time when Netflix’s internal animation teams are facing cancelations early in development and generally the feeling that the golden age of Netflix animation has now passed.

Among Netflix’s current ongoing roster of animated shows for adults includes Big Mouth renewed through to season 7, Chicago Party Aunt, Inside Job, and Human Resources. Upcoming projects include Agent King, Entergalactic, Farzar, and Mulligan.

For all of the canceled Netflix shows (and movies) of 2022, view our full list here.

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