‘Once Upon A Time’ Expected to Leave Netflix in September 2020

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Once Upon a Time – Picture ABC

Once Upon a Time has yet to leave Netflix but that could soon be coming to an end after ABC shows look to depart Netflix over the next few years. Here’s when we’re expecting Once Upon a Time to leave Netflix in the US and abroad.

The ABC show that featured a wide assortment of Disney characters has been pegged for a long time to head to Disney+, the brand new Disney streaming service but no date has been released as of yet.

In total, the show ran for 155 episodes spread across seven seasons. It’ll be a big block of content that’s removed from Netflix once it inevitably happens.

The series is from the writers of Lost and Tron: Legacy and mixes together Disney lore, folklore, and other widely known fairy tales.

Now let’s get into what you’re here for. When will Once Upon a Time be making its move from Netflix to Disney+? Regions such as the UK have Once Upon a Time streaming on Disney+ so right now, that’s the only logical new home for the series.

When will Once Upon a Time leave Netflix?

Although it’s by no means confirmed, we are currently expecting all seven seasons of Once Upon a Time to leave Netflix in September 2020. Specifically, we believe it’ll occur on September 6th, 2020.

The reason for this is that Scandal, another ABC series is due to expire from Netflix in May 2020. That expiration comes exactly two years after the last season was added to Netflix.

Given that season 7 of Once Upon a Time hit Netflix in September 2018 on September 6th the natural conclusion is that two years later is September 6th, 2020.

The show will then move to Disney+ where we believe it’ll be permanently homed for years to come.

Wil you miss Once Upon a Time once it leaves Netflix?

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