Season 1 of ‘Slasher’ Has Been Removed From Netflix

Slasher – Chiller/Netflix

Netflix has removed the first season of Slasher from Netflix just months after the third season dropped onto Netflix. Dubbed as The Executioner, the series has now departed Netflix without any notice. Here’s what we know about the removal including possible reasons. 

Update (06/28/2019): As of today, the first season has returned to Netflix.

With a similar set up to American Horror Story, the show is an anthology series which sees recurring cast members return each season for a different setup and story. In that regard, the removal of season 1 isn’t as big of a deal as most shows leaving Netflix.

The third season recently came to Netflix around the world (with exceptions) on May 23rd, 2019 and was met with positive reviews. We’re still unsure whether a fourth season of Slasher will eventually arrive.

Why has season 1 of Slasher left?

We’ve yet to hear an official reason as to why the series has departed. In almost all cases of removals from Netflix, it’s down the licensing and given the show’s shaky start in life, it’s probably tied up with that.

The date doesn’t coincide with when it was first added on Netflix. Slasher season 1’s third year anniversary on was on May 17th, 2019.

If you remember back for season 1, the show actually first aired on the US channel Chiller which is now defunct. In addition, it was aired on Super Channel in Canada. It wasn’t until season 2 that Netflix picked up the reigns of the show although it’s still distributed by Kew Media Group and Content Media Corporation.

We’ve reached out to multiple people involved in the show and yet to hear back with any response.

Aaron Martin who serves as the creator on the show has his next Netflix project due out later in July 2019 in the form of Another Life.

Here are some of the reactions from fans who were watching Slasher season 1.

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