‘Titans’ Season 1 Netflix Release Schedule (US & International)

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Season 1 of Titans is coming to Netflix in all regions except the United States of America. Here’s everything we know about when season 1 of the new DC comics show will be dropping on Netflix around the world. 

Let’s start off with what the show is and what it’s about. Titans is the latest superhero TV show set in the DC universe. It features an array of lesser-known heroes from the universe including Star Fire, Raven, Beast Boy and one you probably have heard of, Robin.

DC titles have appeared on several networks in the United States including Syfy and The CW but this title deubted exclusively on the new DC Universe streaming service after being passed up by TNT.

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Netflix International Release Schedule

As you may have heard, the series is going to be released on Netflix internationally.

What regions are getting Titans season 1?

According to the deal, “all other markets” are scheduled to get the first season of Titans. These include regions like the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Singapore, the Netherlands and many more.

When will it release on Netflix internationally?

Unlike some international distribution deals, Netflix is not getting weekly episodes. That means it won’t be coming to Netflix until 2019 at the earliest.

Netflix has had an international deal with TNT before. Last year, The Alienist came to Netflix internationally. That series wrapped up on March 26th and came to Netflix on April 19th.

That means we’re expecting the series to be available in the first couple month of 2019. We’ll update this article once we know more.

Right now, you can add the title to your list ready for streaming by using this link. All assets are yet to be added with a placeholder in place while you’re waiting.

Titans season 1 on Netflix

What about season 2?

Season 2 already confirmed has already been confirmed for the show but probably won’t be made available until the tail-end of 2019 meaning that a Netflix release would likely be in 2020.

Netflix US Release Date

Sadly, because of the shows release on the DC streaming service. It’s highly doubtful that the United States would also be the recipient of season 1 of Titans. Should it come to Netflix you can expect it to arrive just before season 2 debuts in the later stages of 2019.

Are you looking forward to watching season 1 of Titans on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

‘Titans’ Season 1 Netflix Release Schedule (US & International)

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