When will “One-Punch Man” Season 2 be on Netflix?

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One Punch Man is currently one of the most popular anime series and was a smash hit when released on Netflix and fans of the Bald One Punch wonder have been asking for more. Here’s what we know about season 2 and if and when season 2 will be dropping on Netflix in the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries around the world. 

The series is a remake of the original manga series with the first season releasing first in Japan back in 2015. After a long wait, both the United States and the United Kingdom then got the twelve episode first season drop on Netflix. In the United States, One-Punch Man actually resides on three streaming services at the moment. It’s on Crunchyroll, Hulu and Netflix. This is typically rare as each streaming network tends to like to keep its content exclusive.

Both the United States and Canada got season 1 back in March 2017. Only recently did the United Kingdom get season 1 when it dropped in 2018.

Is there a season 2 dub?

In a tweet released by Viz Media last month, they have now confirmed that Season 2 is set for release April 2019! Now for English audiences, it is highly likely the Japanese Dub will be available exclusively on the streaming service Crunchyroll but for fans of the English dub, the question is will it be coming to Netflix?

For North American audiences this may not be the case as Viz Media has acquired the exclusive rights for broadcast, digital streaming and merchandising rights whether or not they plan to give Netflix the availability to stream season 2 is currently unknown. When One Punch Man was first released to American audiences it was originally streamed on Hulu, could we see a potential return to Hulu for Saitama?

Potential Release Date

We’re sure at some point Netflix will be streaming the second season of One-Punch Man but because of the infrequency of anime seasons and how hard they are to predict, we think we may be a while off from actually getting it on Netflix. It was over two years after season 1 wrapped up before Netflix was streaming it and we think the same will happen again for season 2.

It is unknown for European audiences if Netflix will pick up the rights to stream the second season of the anime. You can still watch One Punch Man season one on Netflix but we’ll keep you up to date if anything changes and hopefully we’ll soon be seeing Saitama on our screens again very soon!