When will Season 7 of New Girl be on Netflix?

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New Girl season 7 is set to be the last Fox series to probably ever make its way onto Netflix in April 2019. Season 7 also marks the end of New Girl too so let’s take a look into when New Girl season 7 will be on Netflix. 

New Girl has been one of Fox’s best sitcoms in recent years but all good things must come to an end and it was decided that season 7 would be the last outing. Running since 2011 the show is next scheduled to wrap up and although a specific reason hasn’t been given, it’s likely just run its course and rather than becoming stale the show had to end. The show’s creator has promised a satisfying ending though, so don’t expect loose endings.

Although not streaming in every region, New Girl on the regions it does stream on regularly receives annual updates and we’re expecting all regions that currently hold seasons 1 to 6 to get season 7. With that said, if your region doesn’t currently have New Girl streaming, don’t expect it to be landing anytime soon.

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Although the majority of Fox’s library is no longer on Netflix, the titles that remain follow their old release schedules which operate on yearly contracts.

In the case of New Girl, new seasons have always arrived roughly a week or so before the new season is scheduled to air. Given it doesn’t have those constraints anymore, it may be the case that it arrives earlier but we’re currently expecting season 7 of New Girl to land on Netflix in March or April 2019.

Updated: The series has been confirmed to be arriving on Netflix in April 2019 on April 10th. 

Wait, isn’t New Girl leaving Netflix?

For regulars to our site, you may remember we said that New Girl was likely going to get removed from Netflix. It wasn’t until a surprise addition of season 6 that it revealed that it looks like New Girl will live on Netflix, at least for the foreseeable future.

We are expecting it to go in the direction of other Fox shows though, but not until season 7 has arrived.

Are you looking forward to catching the final season of New Girl on Netflix? Let us know down below.

When will Season 7 of New Girl be on Netflix?

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