Will Netflix Renew ‘Everything Now’ For a Season 2?

Stats for the first season aren't looking strong but there's still plenty of story that could be told.

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Netflix’s new British teen drama series Everything Now hopes to scoop up the audience that has now completed the fourth and final season of Sex Education. How well is it performing so far and what are its chances of getting a season 2 renewal? 

Released on October 5th, 2023, the British teen drama from Left Bank Pictures stars Sophie Wilde, who rocketed to fame last year with her appearance in A24’s horror Talk To Me. Wilde plays the role of Mia Polanco, a teen who has just been released from the hospital where she was in recovery to treat her anorexia. Knowing that her teen years are soon running out, she decides to collaborate with friends on a bucket list called The F**k It Bucket.

With the first season done, what can we expect from a second season? Will it get one? Let’s dive in.

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Everything Now Season 2 Renewal Prediction

Official Renewal Status: Not Yet Renewed
Our Renewal Prediction: Likely Canceled

A week after the show’s debut, whether Everything Now will return for a second season is unclear. The series is not dubbed as a miniseries or a limited series, and the ending does leave the door open for more stories to be told.

Netflix continues to publish new shoulder content for the series, including a recently released Australian slang game on its social channels.

Our early prediction is a cancelation (for which we hope we’re wrong) because performance thus far has been spectacularly underwhelming for the series using multiple metrics. As we’ve covered before, Netflix considered a slew of different metrics (some of which are accessible to us and others not) to determine whether future seasons of a show are justified.

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What to Expect for Everything Now Season 2

Let’s assume the show gets renewed – what can we expect from any additional season?

Warning – spoilers for the season 1 finale below. 

By the end of the season, Mia was desperate to finish her list, given that she had heard devastating news from an old friend, Jenna, who had died suffering from anorexia just like Mia.

In the run-up to this news, Mia confesses her feelings for Carli with the pair kissing, not before being interrupted by Carli’s boyfriend and Cam. This causes a rift in the friendship group, and Mia herself is close to relapsing.

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Picture: Netflix

Throughout the final episode, Mia and Carli are ticking more items off the f**k-it list, but a trigger causes Mia’s disorder to come back to the forefront.

Things were looking up by the end of the episode, with truths said and the dust settling on some of the drama. Mia set out to make a new list and was eating again. Whatever is on that list would undoubtedly be what the gang gets up to in any potential season 2.

How well is Everything Now performing on Netflix?

Performance on Everything Now hasn’t emulated the past success of Sex Education so far. Below, we’ll try and piece together, using various sources, how well Everything Now is doing so far on Netflix.

Please note that this section will be changed over time to reflect new data. Stay tuned.

Let’s begin with Netflix’s own top 10 data, but sadly, we cannot. That’s because, for the first week, it was eligible to feature in the top 10s (October 2-8) the show missed the top 10s. To have taken the tenth spot, it’d have needed 1.6 million completed viewing equivalents (or views as Netflix dubs it) to feature.

If the show fails to feature in weeks 2, 3, or 4, we suspect that the show will have not done enough to warrant a new season.

Given the show hasn’t been a big hit globally just yet, we use the likes of FlixPatrol to see if it’s performing well on a country-by-country basis. FlixPatrol gathers the daily top 10 movies and series in over 90 countries for those unfamiliar and assigns points values to those titles.

Their data suggests the show peaked in the top 10s on day 5 with 262 points in the top 10s. Compared to another show that hasn’t done particularly well in 2023, we can see Glamorous managed 479 points at its peak. Everything Now did get more points than Freeridge, which peaked at 75 and was canceled. On the other end of the spectrum, The Night Agent managed 880 points in a single day. The show notably

From the heatmap below, you can see the show is doing well in South Africa and Eastern European territories:

flixpatrol data for everything now netflix

FlixPatrol data for Everything Now

Using external demand, we can see the show has failed to make a real mark thanks to TelevisionStats.com, which tracks demand using the likes of Google search, Wikipedia, Torrents, and IMDb.

Their chart suggests that the show peaked in popularity on October 8th, the 105th most popular show, with a peak engagement score of 6.04. Not good.

Given that the show skews a little younger, we wanted to look at how many videos had been produced on TikTok and how many views they’d garnered in its first week of release. We can see that over 300 videos were created, garnering 16M global views. Compared to other shows that were in the Netflix top 10, Beckham picked up 241M and Sex Education was cooling down with 42 million views.

tiktok stats for everything now

TikTok Views for Everything Now

Do you want to see Everything Now return for a second season on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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