Sex Education Season 4 Ending Explained

Here's the ending explained to the fourth and final season of Sex Education.

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Sex Education has come to an end at Netflix after four great seasons. Ending on a bittersweet note, there may be some lingering questions fans have in regard to the ending, so allow us to help.

Sex Education is a Netflix Original teen comedy series, and arguably one of the raunchiest and rambunctious shows the streaming service has ever released.

The series was created, written, and produced by Laurie Nunn, with Eleven as the production studio behind the show.

Maeve x Otis

Upon Maeve’s return to the UK, she and Otis awkwardly attempted to pick up where they left off their relationship. Between their family, friends, and more often than not themselves getting in the way of their relationship, fate seemed determined to stop them from at the very least, having sex. After numerous awkward moments, Maeve and Otis were eventually able to share one romantic night together, but ultimately Maeve would decide to return to the USA.

Before making the decision to return to the USA, Maeve had convinced herself she needed to stay in the UK. Even if that meant giving up her own dreams of being a writer. Ironically, Maeve was able to confide in Jean (Otis’ mother), who helped Maeve realize that she didn’t need to give up on herself.

Maeve’s return to the USA means it’s over for her and Otis, however, the pair will always remember each other as their first love and will hold a special place in their hearts for one another.

maeve otis sex education season 4 ending explained

Maeve in the USA

Maeve’s working-class background meant her opportunity to study in America could be life-changing. Making good progress at the start of the term, Maeve’s writing failed to impress her teacher, Thomas Molloy, who ultimately gave an important opportunity in the program to her classmate, Ellen, over her and fellow classmate Tyrone. However, it is speculated that Ellen was given the opportunity thanks to her rich parents who donated to the school.

In the end, Maeve’s return to the USA had her confront her teacher calmly over his teaching methods, making him aware of the power he wields over his students. Meanwhile, Ellen has decided not to pursue writing and put forward Maeve’s work instead, giving her an opportunity to showcase her talent.

maeve usa sex education season 4 ending explained

Eric’s Future

Eric is a proud gay man. However, the one aspect of his sexuality he has struggled to balance is his relationship with his religious community. Not wanting to go through with being baptized without the approval of the congregation, Eric came out loud and proud in front of everyone, however, only his mother was vocal in her support.

Throughout the season Eric had been seeing signs of God’s existence, which ultimately resulted in communing with God herself. At the charity fundraiser for Cal’s surgery, Pastor Samuel and other members of the congregation in support of Eric arrived. Pastor Samuel made Eric aware that conversations were ongoing within the congregation in order to make members such as Eric feel more accepted within the community.

Finally finding a balance between his sexuality and his religion, Eric decides he wants to dedicate his future to being a Pastor.

eric sex education season 4 ending explained

Cal’s Transition

Cal has struggled throughout their transition, which has resulted in body dysmorphia and major depression, especially as they had no access to funds for gender confirmation surgery,

Thankfully, the students of Cavendish rallied around Cal’s struggle and sued their annual fundraiser to provide Cal with the money to get the surgery they desperately wanted.

However, before Cal could learn of the fundraiser, they went missing, causing panic for their family and friends. Thankfully, Jackson came to the realization of where Cal was, however, it was Eric who found them. Thanks to the efforts of Eric and Jackon, Cal went back home.

The fundraiser was a huge success and Cal would get the help they desperately needed.

cal sex education season 4 ending explained

Jackson is Cancer-Free

Jackson spent most of the season worrying that he had testicular cancer and searching for answers about his biological father. Good news, Jackson is cancer-free! Bad news, Jackson’s father wants nothing to do with him, as Jackson is the result of an affair with Roz, Jackson’s mother. If Jackson suddenly came into his father’s life, it could potentially ruin his marriage.

Thankfully, Jackson has two extremely loving mothers to fill any void he may have felt without a father figure in his life.

jackson sex education season 4 ending explained

Aimee x Isaac

With the help of Isaac, Aimee finds a new love and talent for photography. The pair grew extremely close throughout the season, and once Maeve gave the pair her blessing, it didn’t take long for them to officially become a couple.

isaac aimee sex education season 4 ending explained

Viv and Beau

Viv thought she had found the perfect boyfriend in Beau. Sadly, this wasn’t the case as Beau was deeply insecure, becoming jealous of Viv’s friendship with Jackson, and any other interaction Viv would have with another male person. One incident in the school corridor resulted in Beau hurting Viv’s arm, which would start the beginning of the end of their relationship,

With the support and safety of her friends, Viv ended her relationship with Beau.

viv sex education season 4 ending explained


Having quit school, Adam was unemployed and lounging about his mother’s house. With some encouragement, Adam was able to get a job at a stable where he would eventually learn how to ride horses and teach others to ride too.

Adam struggled but made the effort to reconcile with his father, which eventually resulted in his family coming back stronger than ever. It could be argued that for the first time in Adam’s life, he is truly happy.

adam sex education season 4 ending explained

Jean and Joanna

A newborn in Jean’s life was a radical change for the sex therapist, and it was abundantly clear that she was struggling to deal with postnatal depression. This resulted in Otis calling Jean’s sister, Joanna, asking for help.

Eventually, Jean came to terms with the fact she was suffering from post-natal depression and sought help from the doctor.

Meanwhile, Joanna had never come to terms with the sexual assault she had suffered as a child at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend. However, Joanna phoned Jean’s live podcast and admitted she needed to get help too. Ultimately, the siblings reconciled and ended up on the sofa watching TV together peacefully.

joanna sex education season 4 ending explained

Jean and Dan

Despite not actually being privy to the conversation, the last we see of Jean and Dan is the former about to introduce Dan to his daughter for the very first time.

Does Otis close his clinic?

After battling out for clinic dominance against “O” in the end Otis decided to take a step back from being a sex therapist for Cavendish and allowed the talented O to take the reigns instead.

o sex education season 4 ending explained

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