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Bio: Alex Hirlam has been a contributor to What's on Netflix and provided weekly roundups for Australia and Canada as well as other features. Alex came to What's on Netflix for an apprenticeship where he spent a year and a half maintaining the libraries of the two regions as well as contributing content. Resides in Norwich, UK.

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to the bone promo

To the Bone: New Netflix Original Film

Yet another intriguing movie is being released by Netflix in the form of ‘To the Bone’, an American drama focused around mental health problems and how it deeply effects family members and different people in many ways....

european netflix originals coming soon

Netflix European Originals Coming Soon

Netflix has been making some big changes recently and has just announced that they are investing a total of $1.75bn into their European content due to a much-expanded workforce of 400. Netflix is ever expanding,...

king kong

Is ‘King Kong’ on Netflix?

  The first time King Kong reached the screens was in 1933 as a monster adventure film produced by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack. The film was at the forefront of special effects...

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When Will Disney’s Moana be on Netflix?

Disney’s animated Family adventure ‘Moana’ released on November 23rd, 2016 and has been regarded as one best in recent film making, not quite the success of Frozen though. The film introduces a new Disney Princess ‘Moana’ from...