Take the 10 Netflix Original Movie Soundtrack

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A New Netflix Original Film ‘Take the 10’ has just been released, and for fans who enjoy films like ‘The Hangover’ will enjoy this foul-mouthed dark comedy. The film follows two seemingly very different best friends, who are desperate to get away to a hip-hop concert. So desperate that they somewhat ‘acquire’ a 1997 Toyota Corolla and the tickets they need, which of course, gets them in significant trouble.

Obviously, because the whole film pivots around getting to a hip-hop/rap concert, there is gonna numerous musical tracks included. Although saying that, there aren’t as many tracks as we expected.

If you think you have an idea of a song that would have fitted perfect in this movie, why not let us know?

We have included a full track list along with an embedded Spotify Playlist.

Complete Track Listing

  • Attak – Rustie Ft. Danny Brown
  • Kyoto Sanzen In – Studio Musicians
  • 100 Roses – Jazz Cartier
  • isbd – ZeLooperZ
  • Strictly 4 My Jeeps – Action Bronson

Spotify Playlist

We’ve put together a playlist for the soundtrack (where the songs are available) in Spotify which you can find the embedded widget below and the full playlist here.

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