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Bio: Alex Hirlam has been a contributor to What's on Netflix and provided weekly roundups for Australia and Canada as well as other features. Alex came to What's on Netflix for an apprenticeship where he spent a year and a half maintaining the libraries of the two regions as well as contributing content. Resides in Norwich, UK.

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upcoming netflix originals 2018 2

Upcoming Netflix Original Movies 2018

Welcome to your preview of all of the upcoming movies coming to Netflix throughout 2018. As Netflix continues to thrive and grow, we’re seeing more and more Originals being produced and released to our screens....

peter rabbit

Will Peter Rabbit Come to Netflix?

Since it’s recent release, the new film reincarnation of the classic Beatrix Potter character has been met with slightly mixed reviews. Despite this, the film still has been quite popular among young viewers and has...

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Are the Rocky Films on Netflix?

The Rocky film series began in 1976 and is one of the best-known boxing franchises in the world. A total of 6 films have been released, including one spin-off film titled Creed. But how many of...

valentines on netflix 2015

Netflix Guide to Valentines Day 2018

Whether you’re the sort of person who embraces Valentines Day or hates it, there is no denying that a lot of people lay importance on the day. The old-fashioned way of doing valentines usually involves some sort...