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Alex Hirlam has been a contributor to What's on Netflix and provided weekly roundups for Australia and Canada as well as other features. Alex came to What's on Netflix for an apprenticeship where he spent a year and a half maintaining the libraries of the two regions as well as contributing content. Resides in Norwich, UK.

a quiet place

Will A Quiet Place Come to Netflix?

A Quiet Place is a new Drama/Horror film directed by, and starring John Krasinski. It released in cinemas in early April and since it’s debut has been received very positively by both official critics and the public....

peter rabbit

Will Peter Rabbit Come to Netflix?

Since it’s recent release, the new film reincarnation of the classic Beatrix Potter character has been met with slightly mixed reviews. Despite this, the film still has been quite popular among young viewers and has...

dvd releases april 2018

New on Netflix DVD: April 2018

Welcome back to our monthly section here on What’s on Netflix where we cover all the new DVD titles that have been introduced to Netflix DVD rental section. April has just started and as usual, we’ve...

quentin tarintino 770x433 1

List of Quentin Tarantino Movies on Netflix

Seeing as yesterday was Quintin Tarantino’s Birthday (27th March), what better time to take a look at his influential and unique work and see if any of his great films are available to stream on Netflix....

tomb raider 1 1

Are the Tomb Raider Movies on Netflix?

Following the release of the new re-boot ‘Tomb Raider’ staring Alicia Vikander. We thought it would be a good idea to take a look if any other of the Tomb Raider films are available to stream...

rocky films on netflix

Are the Rocky Films on Netflix?

The Rocky film series began in 1976 and is one of the best-known boxing franchises in the world. A total of 6 films have been released, including one spin-off film titled Creed. But how many of...

ready player one

Will Ready Player One be Coming to Netflix?

Steven Spielberg’s latest film comes in the form of Ready Player One, a Sci-fi, action adventure set in the near future. There is a lot of hype behind this upcoming film, but will it be coming to Netflix...

dvd releases march 2018

New on Netflix DVD: March 2018

March has already begun, and 2018 seems to be flying past quickly. Welcome back to another month of great new DVD’s for you to get stuck into. Below you will find an ever-updating list of...